Sunday 12 October 2014

Wanda inspired crayon box

Hello everyone. I loved Wanda's creations on Paper Artsy blog this month. Take a look here. Wanda took some ceramic tiles and transformed them. I didn't have a tile but did have a plain box with a canvass board that fits in the top. I wasn't sure whether alcohol inks would work on the canvass but needn't worried as thay worked beautifully.

I chose this stencil from JOFY

and used Marlin Fresco Paint from Paper Artsy 

once it was dry, I edged the flowers with a black Pitt Pen.

I chose similar colour for the sides of the box. Colours are Tikka and Dolly Mix fresco paints as well as Marlin.

I then coated it all in metallic glaze from Paper Artsy. Love how this turned out and the crayons look great in the box

Thank you for your visit and see you soon 

Debs xx



  1. Great improvising Debs, I don't have any tiles either xxx

  2. what a great looking box! I haven't tried alcohol inks on anything other than glossy surfaces, but your box looks so pretty.

  3. Works really well Deborah, love the Marlin Fresco! Xx

  4. I really love the effects you achieved on this box with the alcohol inks and the metallic glaze. It looks terrific and those crayons do look great inside too! xxx

  5. Love the fabulous new home for your Neocolour 2 Pencils. Alcohol inks work on many things it's good to experiment, just look at your inspiring project, really wonderful:-) xxx

  6. Goregous I love that it's fab, Elizabeth xxx

  7. What a gorgeous alternative to Wanda's tiles! xxx

  8. What a brilliant idea, debs, I love it!

    Lucy x

  9. BEAUTIFUL box!!! I'm so glad you were inspired!!!

  10. What a lovely box! Great idea to use alcohol inks on the canvas, I don't use them enough must pull them out and do something with them!

  11. That worked out so great! I would never have tried alcohol inks on canvas, and it works really well!

  12. Lovely your crayons box Deborah! Fabulous alcohol inks result and beautiful stenciling onto the canvas, that is great idea! I love it xx


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