Tuesday 21 October 2014

She went from pretty to interesting

Hello, I found a box of 48 Sukra aquelles which came free with a mag subscription, and as I haven't used them thought I'd give them a go.

I started loosing defining a face, well what else! I didn't have a plan so she sort of created herself. I used a variety of colours from the Sakura pencils to add colour but then got engrossed and reached for the prismacolors.

I liked the composition but wasn't happy she was too pretty for the mood I was in; I needed to make her darker. I cut her out and with media line paint in Night from Dina Wakly painted another sheet of card. I started darker and worked my way light. I wanted the back ground to match my shading. I stuck her down and added more shadows with the  Stabilo all. 

I think she looks far better now. Not so pretty, her nose has gone a bit weird but what she lacks in perfectionism she more than makes up for in interest. I hope you agree, and if you don't, or you do I'd love to hear it. Take care for now 




  1. I really like the way this portrait went - much stronger face than at the outset and I like what you did with the colour. Julie Ann xxx

  2. Her nose is sublime as are her haunting eyes and you feel she is stopping herself from doing something she might regret...
    She is wonderful Debs, your faces just keep getting better and better...

    Looking forward to the next one Lovely:-) xxx

  3. She's fabulous Deb! Great colouring & shading! xxx

  4. I think she looks really lovely Debs and you've done an amazing job here.
    Fliss xx

  5. I liked the before and the after Debs but I agree she definitely has more character now and the darker mood does make you linger longer over her face so well done.

    Lesley Xx

  6. Yep, she looked good before but has more character now for sure! What's your verdict on the pencils?

    1. Didn't like them hard to get moving and scratched the paper. Much prefer inktense and fable castell xx

  7. I do agree - I love the moody intensity of her against that vivid background, and the nose doesn't look weird to me! Beautiful. Interesting to hear that the pencils are so different from other makes.
    Alison xx


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