Saturday 30 August 2014

Faerie at home

Evening folks! Wow what great makes on PA blog,  have you seen it?  if not follow this link. Liz Borer launched her lovely new stamps. I was lucky enough to purchase one plate and decided to have a play tonight.

I started this tag a couple weeks ago. I distress the edges using crackle glaze and chalk fresco finish acrylic. Once dry I added some grunge paste stenciling using a brick. Next I painted the wall using Brown Shed and Slate all from Paper Artsy. Lastly added some washi tape.

I then threw it in the corner not quite sure what to do with it, until early that was. I used one of Liz's new stamps for the greenery and faerie

and Darcy's bird house and greenery at the bottom.

And all together 

Hope you like it , see you soon

Debs xxx


Friday 29 August 2014

With fresh eyes...

Hello and welcome, tonight I'm bringing you a heart that I started in the week. Some of you may know that I put it on face book at this stage because I was stuck what to do. Luckily My Son-in-Law  Mark suggest it needed something top left and several of my Twitter mates agreed. This  was really useful and with fresh eyes today I finished it.

Before I show you result let's look at how I got this far.

Using Fresco finish Acrylic from Paper Artsy in Merlin, I coated the the heart

How cool is that colour! 

I added a thin layer of crackle  glaze and once dry snowflake over the top.

I like the blue showing through.
I love the little sentiment on Darcy 09 so randomly stamped it over the heart in cornflower blue archival ink.

I mixed up some of the Merlin with water in a mini spritzer and sprayed the heart. Once this was dry I sprayed cosmic shimmer and when dry dripped some more Merlin randomly.

I loved the way the light blue twisted itself round the dark like they were made for each other. Lol.

Now to finish I cut some white/ grey board into a small tag and added a small addition to it with some chain. I used distress ink in chipped sapphire and broken china.

I found a small glass jar and filled it with glitter glue in blue and silver and then attached it to the tag with some grey string. 

Lastly I added a flower and finished with some gems.

Thank you to everyone who took time to comment I hope you like what I came up with.
Would love to hear your thoughts. Take care and see you soon.

Launch Night with JOFY

Hello and welcome, thanks for stopping by. I hope you are all well, and have been enjoying all the stamps from the Designer's and guests on the Paper Artsy blog. 

I was really thrilled when I was asked to demo some of JOFY's new stamps, and I must admit little scared when I knew I would be on the same blog as JOFY ( no pressure lol) 
You can see mine and the lovely JOFY's over on the blog tonight. Link above.

These are the two new plates. 

I had such fun playing with these and have been bursting to show them so here is the first of 3 samples

A coulorful tag 

And the second 

Clean and simple card

And the 3rd

Distress frame flowers picture.

All new release stamps are now available from your favourite Paper Artsy retailer. So check out now! 

Next week I will post how these were made,  so come back and see the steps for each sample.

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed looking at the samples. I cannot wait to do more playing. See you all soon.

Debs xxx

Thursday 28 August 2014

Little lady

Evening all - how exciting has blog land been with all the fantastic new stamps being launched on the P A blog all this week. Tonight was the lovely Darcy's new sets of stamps you can see them here if you missed them.

Well onto my girl. I used a small 6x6 canvass which I've not used for a face before. 

I started by stamping a sentiment from Darcy's new plate EDY09 onto tissue paper from Paper Artsy. I then tore this up and stuck it on the canvas and marked out my face.

I watered down mushroom fresco finish acrylic from PA and painted round my face. I used Slate around the edge o shabby it up a bit.

First sketch of face which I built up with neo color I I water soluable crayons by Caran D'Ache. 

Switched to prismacolor pencils to add shading. These have become a firm favourite of mine 
I love there smouchyness soft core. They blend so well.

And the finish face - you can see some dangles at the top of the canvass which I later got rid of as I decided I didn't like them for this picture.

I added some wings but as you can see they were too small for her to fly. She had to think of other ways to make her dream soar. 

Thank you for looking and do come back soon.

Debs xxxx

Sunday 24 August 2014

Blooming Tag!

Evening and welcome! Tonight I'm sharing a tag I created using the lovely Darcy's  new stamps. I love these new designs they are really great.

I coated a Manila tag with fresco finish acrylic paints from Paper Artsy in colours seaweed, and guacamole on the bottom and sky, ice blue and a touch of Baltic blue. 

 Now I got carried away and forgot to take photos but using stamps from two of Dary's new plates I stamped out my design. I coloured the stamps using prismacolor pencils. The sentiment is from Lin Brown  01 

I loved making this and I hope you like it too.

Take care and see you soon

Debs xxx


Saturday 23 August 2014

Little journal page

Morning peeps and a happy bank holiday weekend to you all. This morning I'm showing you a little journal book that I have started.  A good friend known as Massofhair in the twitter world  made this for me and so I chose to use the first page as an inspirational motivator for when I feel sorry for myself.

I started by dripping some Fancolor pens down the page once dry I sprayed cosmic shimmer and threw on some brusho

I then added some stamping using home made stamps

I stamped some paper which I then tore and distressed then crumpled a piece of contrasting paper

Then layered these into my page. At this stage I really loved it but felt it needed more. With hind site I wished I'd left here.

I drew a heart and added some doodles

And the finished page.

I like the idea of every time I open my book not only do I think of my friend but I remember to feel how blessed I truly am. And to quote my friend sending love and light xxxx


Friday 22 August 2014

Clare Lloyd inspired face tag

Good evening and welcome to my face tag inspired by the lovely Clare Lloyd. She has been bringing us her lovely girls over the last four months on the Paper Artsy blog. Check them out here

Now many of you know I love drawing and painting faces but what you won't know, is that I've started an online course at the London Art College for a certificate course in life drawing and painting. I have two years to compete the course so plenty of time. 

So far I'm self taught and although I can see improvements I feel I'm missing the basic fundermentals that will allow my journey to progress further. I really enjoy stamping and mixed media but painting and drawing is my first love. Well, I'll see how it goes, I might start to and hate it.

Anyway onto my tag. I started much the same way as Clare but then things changed. It is a weird feeling because i start out in control,  and then something takes over to which I have to follow. It reminds me of Bob Ross whom I used to watch years ago as he described his trees being shook out of the brush. The girl takes shape. Hehe ( no I'm not mad!)

As you can see she grew some wings. 

My background is lilac fresco finish Acrylic Paint my face is vintage lace. The dress is dolly mixture.

Here's where mine differed in that I turned to my prisma colors for the shading. I used my white sharpie pen to add detail to wings and some scribbles on her dress and the background. On the wings I used a silver pencil just under the white to add a little shadow.

 I struggle a little with small faces because I cannot see the detail as well - I probably need my eyes tested again but keep putting off.  So, I think the face looks a little messy close up, I also think her nose is going the wrong way slightly but hey none of us are perfect are we. 

Thank you for your visit which I hope you enjoyed. And thank you Clare for your inspiration. 

Take care and have a fab weekend 

Debs xxx


Thursday 21 August 2014

Kate Yetter inspired frame

Hello again, and welcome back! Early this week Kate Yetter shared her last designs on The PA blog. I like her frame she created which you can see here. I needed a frame for a scrap page I had completed and so thought this would work really well.

I started with a wooden frame by painting it in chalk and then using Grunge Paste from Paper Artsy

I rubbed in down once it was dry and cleaned up the edges. I then used some watery Fancolor pens which dribbled down lovely and once dry I highlighted the raised areas with sapphire treasure gold.

I wanted to keep the frame lighter than Kate's as the page I was going to use is very busy. 

I was inspired to create this page by Gabrielle Pollocco. She creates some fantastic pages check out her blog here  

It started with some pink paper from my stash on to which I dripped some inks. I tore the page at the top so that I could add some lace inside.

I stamped some diamonds randomly over the page.

Next came grunge paste through a brick stencil some washi tape glitter paste and pearls.
I used a photo in the same size as the one I wanted to use and played around with the elements until I was

The photo I used was printed with my new gadget. I was given amazon vouchers from my colleagues at work when I left a couple of weeks ago, so after some research I purchased this little printer. 

I'd seen Jo from JOFY talking about one that she had bought so I looked at all the reviews and chose this one 

I must say that I love this thing it's quite versatile for something so tiny, and it connects to phone and ipad beautifully. It is ink less as it uses special paper. I purchased 10 packs with 10 in each for £15. 

For this photo I chose to print with a fram and in a vintage style.

And here it is all together

I love how it has come out 

Thanks for looking 

Take care Debs xxx