Thursday 21 August 2014

Kate Yetter inspired frame

Hello again, and welcome back! Early this week Kate Yetter shared her last designs on The PA blog. I like her frame she created which you can see here. I needed a frame for a scrap page I had completed and so thought this would work really well.

I started with a wooden frame by painting it in chalk and then using Grunge Paste from Paper Artsy

I rubbed in down once it was dry and cleaned up the edges. I then used some watery Fancolor pens which dribbled down lovely and once dry I highlighted the raised areas with sapphire treasure gold.

I wanted to keep the frame lighter than Kate's as the page I was going to use is very busy. 

I was inspired to create this page by Gabrielle Pollocco. She creates some fantastic pages check out her blog here  

It started with some pink paper from my stash on to which I dripped some inks. I tore the page at the top so that I could add some lace inside.

I stamped some diamonds randomly over the page.

Next came grunge paste through a brick stencil some washi tape glitter paste and pearls.
I used a photo in the same size as the one I wanted to use and played around with the elements until I was

The photo I used was printed with my new gadget. I was given amazon vouchers from my colleagues at work when I left a couple of weeks ago, so after some research I purchased this little printer. 

I'd seen Jo from JOFY talking about one that she had bought so I looked at all the reviews and chose this one 

I must say that I love this thing it's quite versatile for something so tiny, and it connects to phone and ipad beautifully. It is ink less as it uses special paper. I purchased 10 packs with 10 in each for £15. 

For this photo I chose to print with a fram and in a vintage style.

And here it is all together

I love how it has come out 

Thanks for looking 

Take care Debs xxx



  1. Beautiful frame, gorgeous layers & textures too. A beautiful keepsake.

    Off to check out the mini printer from LG, been looking for one for ages this might be what i need.

    Beautiful posts tonight Debs:-) xxx

  2. Gorgeous frame, beautiful work inside. Another triumph, really lovely. xx

  3. Wonderful frame and beautiful work xx

  4. absololutely gorgeous frame Debs and fantastic page!! xx

  5. So lovely - great colours, perfectly blended, and loads of texture. beautiful

  6. What a wonderful effect, debs!

    Lucy x


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