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Hello and Welcome, I am  Deborah,

I am 57 years old, a mother, a daughter, a grandmother, and a wife, but most of all I’m me: because of, and despite, all the labels that society likes to use.

I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist who has previously worked in social care as well CAMHs for the last 20 years. however, I am currently almost retired, working in my private practice for 1 day a week, the rest of the week I play. well almost...

I've just started to study an MA in Illustration at Falmouth University, which is taught totally online, which is fabulous as I moved to Cumbria nearly two years ago.

Walking is my other great relaxation, preferably in the mountains of Cumbria; the moment I stood on top of Pavey Arc steaming from the exertion and looking back over the snow-filled gully was very special: the tiredness of the long descent across the Langdale Pikes never deflated that joy – I still feel the exhilaration now. This is also where I married the love of my life. The high ones are a bit of a struggle for me now due to osteoarthritis in both my knees but I do the best I can. I also get to gaze at mountains every day as I live facing the Pennines surrounded by farm land, sheer bliss!

I started my crafting journey in March 2013, while on holiday in Cornwall. I found and watched a certain crafting channel which brought alive the crafting world for me and have not looked back.

I love  learning,  exploring everything I can. I dive into literature enjoying some, persevering with others – I never give in, especially if someone says I won’t understand it. Emily Dickinson: I returned numerous times and then suddenly her poems came alive and I had an understanding.

I have always dabbled with paint and drawing since a child and had a go at jewellery making a few years ago.  However, I never stayed with anything until 2013 and I'm still hooked. I love having a go at everything, but my favourite has to be mixed media. I love ink and paint and getting messy, and I'm always amazed to find something new to use. (interestingly as I'm updated this my favourite has changed as I now love watercolour) (Jan 2019).

I still feel I'm on a journey of discovery and I'm happy to let it flow where ever it needs to go. I do have one aim I'd like to achieve that is to write a faerie story and illustrate it with my own graphics. Now wouldn't that be awesome! who knows my study may even help in this dream. 


  1. I have only just got round to reading this Deb. I find profiles of artists I admire fascinating to read. I love the fact you persevered with Emily Dickinson. She's a favourite for me too. I cannot believe that your journey within mixed media is so short! You have certainly found your 'voice' in art very rapidly. I love your work.

  2. Hi from a fellow mental health nurse and art journal-er. It's hard to believe you only discovered crafting 2 years ago. Wow!! You are a natural.


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