Friday 31 July 2015

Friday face with Kim Dellow

Hello lovelies and welcome. Here is my face for Art it Friday. I love doing faces to link with Kim's blog on a Friday.
I'm also linking it to paint Party Friday

Girls are a favourite of mine but I can get caught up in all sorts other art and not pay attention which they let me know by nagging away at me until I set them free.

You will see the first one which I've shared because she insisted on being free despite me trying to create a good background. 

She doesn't look too happy lol. 

But this is the one I'm going to share


And here's a little video of some of the process.

I hope you enjoy looking at her. 

See you all soon. Debs xx


Purple Passion

Morning Everyone, Yay It's Friday! a few more hours and the weekend begins. Thanks for popping in, because today a new Challenge Starts over at That's Crafty and theme is Purple passion. The prize is a lovely gift certificate


There is some fantastic inspiration from all my teammates on the blog which you can see here. 

This is mine


I started with a sprayed background of pink and purple sprays from Lyndy's Stamp Gang and then splattered blue and white Media Mists from DecoArt.


Using media Fluids from DecoArt and Dinky Stencils from That's Crafty I added more depth and layers.


I stamped and the cut out the large butterfly from Indigoblu and painted with Media fluid and once dry re stamped with versamark and black embossing powder.

 I wasn't sure about a sentiment but in the end used a Dylusion's one to finish off my page. 
There you go, I hope we have inspired you to play along. Later I will show my fave for Art it Friday.

Take care, see you soon Debs xx


Thursday 30 July 2015


Hello again, thanks for popping by. I'm sharing another A5 journal page completed in the same way as my post yesterday and using the same materials. I just changed the colours. If you would like to know more click the archive button   

I've got another one on the go but might leave that for a while. 

While I'm here I'll give you a sneak peak of my face that I'll link to Kim Dellow's Art It Friday, in the morning. If you would like to see what I'm on about,  pop back in the morning and all will be revealed  hehe. 

That's all from me tonight, I think! 😉 as usual take care, hugs Debs xx

It's Thursday and my turn over at that's crafty.

Hello everyone and a very good morning to you all. It's Thursday so that means it's my turn over at That's Crafty to share what I have created. Here is a sneak peek. 


                                      You can see all the details over at That's Crafty 

Take care and I'll see you soon, Infact tomorrow as I have a new face to show you for Art It Friday.

Big Hugs Debs xx

Wednesday 29 July 2015


Hello everyone, Wednesday done! Although weeks away I'm starting to feel like I need a break from work. September is starting to feel like it's on the Horizon and that's a nice feeling.

I would love to hear what you are looking forward to, what gives you a bubble of excitement in your tummy?  

Today I played with some Cosmic Shimmer Colour Cloud Blending Ink, lol that was a mouthful, but the inks are lovely. They blend easily, which is good because I don't blend very well with inks. 

This is what I created 


I stamped around the edges with a stamp from Indigoblu I loved it's look. I dried it and then stamped a number plate from Paper Artsy in Archival ink in Hydranger. 


I stamped my feature which is a combo of Lin Brown new stamps ELB 22 ELB23 and once dry painted it with Blue Glass Fresco Paint all from Paper Artsy. 


I added some paint pen in a purple to the flowers, I liked the colour and thought it needed more so added Azure Sea and Opal Sea and then using the spray nossle sprinkled the purple and let it run, inks are Lyndy's dye inks.  I cleaned the flowers and what little soaked in just added to colour. 




I played some more but that's for another day. Well I'm signing off now but I'll be back tomorrow so hope to see you then. Take care for now Debs xx

Monday 27 July 2015


Hello everyone, thanks for joining me tonight.

I have a canvas to share which I created for Paper Artsy's flower challenge. I was so excited when I was asked and ideas jumped all over the place. I started something completely different but it didn't feel right, so I threw into the 'look at later' box and started something new.

I was playing with the brayer and Little Black Dress Fresco acrylic, and loving the random grunge it creates, when I had the idea to use the brayer on my canvas. You can see how I created it over on the Paper Artsy Challenge blog along with some other wonderful creations to inspire you.

I've added a few photos here, so that you can follow the steps I used if you would like. It is only a guide. I often experience a feeling that my art is being guided; this is the most satisfying art to create for me, although the outcome is not always good to look at.

I usually start with a colour scheme in mind, which I call following my colour. So I challenge you to follow your colour and create something that represents flowers to you. And of course have fun!  

So back to my canvas, here it is finished. This is very different for me, but the Colour Bloom in Deep Teal  is such a lovely colour that it all just flowed. It's a similar style to the lovely Jo  Myhill, whose work you can see here. This wasn't a conscious descison but I do love Jo's art so her influence is in there somewhere.


These photos are of some of the steps 


Thank you for taking the time to visit, there more from me this week so hope to see you soon take care Hugs Debs xx


Sunday 26 July 2015

This was a cat food box

Morning everyone, thank you for taking the time to visit. A big warm welcome to my new followers, thank you for joining us on my crafty journey.

This year has been so exciting so far, with joining two impressive Design Teams and of course continuing with the ones I was already on. There have also been Guest appearances and I was also a featured artist on an online mag. I have also been fortunate to teach workshops and Demo days at Birds in the Barn. I  feel I have been so lucky, but much of this is due to You! my followers. So a huge big thank you to you all.

Now onto my box.

I love these little boxes and have kept a few as I knew they would come in handy. They are very sturdy and have a proper lid, which for this I cut off. I actually cut the box down as it was a little too high for what I wanted. 


Next I gave it two coats of Concrete Fresco Paint from Paper Artsy. Inside I sprayed two Media Mist from DecoArt just for quick coverage.


I played for a while with different trims etc to see what I wanted. It did start out quite girly but that changed as I progressed.

I am in love with the one of the new stamp plates from Paper Artsy and thought this would look great on my box



Using Blue Glass and Hey Pesto Fresco paint, both from paper Artsy I completed the decoration. I added some washi tape to the top edge to neaten it.

Here are some finished pictures 




It was the perfect size to hold all my paint pens. So think twice before throwing things away! See you soon Debs xxx

Saturday 25 July 2015

Demo day

Hello everyone, thanks for popping by. I started yesterday morning feeling very tired and after sitting in the craft room for about 40 mins and nothing coming to me I sat in the garden instead. I enjoyed just sitting listening to birds and the water from the feature in the garden. Going back into the shed I crafted my little heart out.

I'm demoing Dylusions paints on Saturday Ist August at Birds In The Barn so thought I'd play with them to make some samples.  Here is a collection of some old and new. Will blog some later in depth 


   See you later Debsxx 

Friday 24 July 2015

Friday Face for Art it Friday

Hello everyone, I love Fridays, it's holds the promise of a weekend, and the end of the working week! I know that's not true for all, but any day that holds the same promise will work. It's just getting to the end of your week and knowing you now have a break.

And of course the other great thing about Friday's is Kim's Art it Friday. If you don't know this Kim Dellow invites us to link our face to her site it can be drawn painted scribbled, whatever way you were inspired to create your face. 

So here's mine


A few process photos

So come on get your face over there and get linked up. Take care hugs Debsxx


Thursday 23 July 2015

Acrylic ATC

Hello everyone, I know it's late (if your reading this in real time) but I wanted to share what I have been up to this evening, in between cooking, eating and watching some TV, oh and I did my nails lol. 

Anyway, I used a flower from one of the new Hot Picks from Paper Artsy stamped onto an acrylic block from That's Crafty. Once dry I used Dinky Stencils  also from That's Crafty and Media Fluids from DecoArt. 

I liked to look at my design through the block so work back to front. I had to think about the design to ensure I created the depth of field I was after. I didn't want to get it wrong, but I still manage to lol. I even kept the design simple. Still I learnt from it, so it was useful, hope you like it.

Take care, I'll see you tomorrow as I have a face to share. Hugs Debsxx


It a kinda of magic

Morning everyone, here we are, Thursday again! and the weekend is in sight. I don't really wish my week away, as I try to experience every day, but the thought of the weekend just makes me excited as I get real time for crafting. It was on a weekend that I created this  journal page for That's Crafty


                           For all the details please pop over to the That's Crafty Blog, see you soon xxx


Saturday 18 July 2015

Chronos or Kairos

Or just old Father Time ...

Hello lovelies, yes another one from me, but this time I'm entering The Paper Artsy Challenge whose theme is Time.  What a fabulous idea! It so open to interpretation. I'm also linking it to lovely Kim Dellows Art it Friday.

I had some idea what I wanted, I'd picked my stamps which was a flower stamp from PA Hot Picks 1008 and I wanted to use this on their metal card and then cut it out. Other than that when I started I had no idea. Well actually when I started I was just playing with an idea. 

I took a Gray/white board and brayered on some Little Black Dress

I adored how this looked but experimented further by adding Blue Glass 

I then sprayed it with Lyndy's Stamp Gang buccaneer Blue. I loved the gold glimmer it gave my board.

Now it was time for coffee and to look at my board to decide where to go next. If you go back a couple of photos you may be able to see the shape of an eye, well I did. 

I used a Fude pen to form a face from what I could see.

I could see it was a man and with time on my mind he became Father Time.

I added some stencilling in Blue Glass and once dry  used the PA stamp on the board as well as on the metal board. I formed a flower  to offset the sinister look of FT.

I hope you like this as much as I do. It was such fun to make.
 Bye for now hugs Debs xx


Friday 17 July 2015

New Challenge over at That's Crafty

Hello everyone thanks for your visit today. Phew it's been a busy week! Still the weekend is almost here and hopefully I'll get some rest.

I'm pleased it's a bit cooler here as I write this, the flushes are coming thick and fast, lol. Anyway onto what I have to share today.

Over at That's crafty it's a new challenge and the theme is Stencils, tying with the release of the Dinky Stencils, which you can find in That's Crafty store or their online Shop.

There is lots of inspiration over on the blog as my very talented team mates have some fantastic makes to share with you. And if that's not enough to wet your appetite to enter you could also win the £20 voucher. 


So for my inspiration I used an A5 canvas board which I sprayed with White and Blue Media Mist from DecoArt and let them run and  mix together.


Next came stencils by Andy Skinner in black an dark green 


I sprayed the words with water to soften the look and added stamping randomly 


Next came the Dinky Stencils and Craft Paste 


The main feature is stamps by Oxford Impressions 


I finished off my adding some Champagne Metalic Lustre.

So come on you have two whole weeks to play along. See you all soon and take care 

Hugs Debs xx