Friday 27 May 2016

Painting day

Evening everyone, I've been painting! Inspired by Ivy Newport and Robin laws. I love their online classes, and these paintings are a mix of two classes. Story Tellers Art, and a new one from Ivy today Sacred Landscapes. 

The first, is Part two of my story and is called Saphhire's home. I'll share the story in another post.

Then comes Alone
And finally Bath time 
These were painted on the side of cat food boxes. I tear them up and keep the sides. 
I used White Gesso first, DecoArt Media Fluids, Inktense Pencils and  a water brush.
I hope you like them 
Take care 
hugs Debs xxxx

New Challenge

Morning everyone, today sees the start of a new Challenge over at That's Crafty and the theme is by the sea. Interpret anyway you want. There is some fabulous creations by the team to get your thoughts spinning. Remember to read the rules to qualify and if you are  the lucky winner you will receive a £20 voucher to spend in shop.  

My piece for today is an under water scene.

I adapted a small canvas using Mod Roc bandage around the frame whic was sprayed 
With Blues and green.
I used shells and seaweed I collected last year on my hols as well as some drift wood.
 I added some trinkets and rusty bits
As well as a little treasure map.
And there we have it. 
Hope you like the theme and get to play along. 
Take care hugs 
Debs xx

Thursday 26 May 2016

Story tellers Art

Evening crafty friends, I've been lucky to take an online course with  Robin Laws called Story Tellers Art. What I'm sharing was done on a piece of mixed media paper. I was just playing but became so involved with the story telling it's self as I painted that I had to continue. I'll use this to inspired my story board.    So here's my picture and the story follows. 
Part 1
She opened her eyes for the second time and it was still there. How can this be? Thought Annie!
Now she had turned eleven she wasn't suppose to believe in things like that, and yet there it was  10inches from her face, hovering in the air staring back at her.
Annie came to the shed every day after school, she liked to sit in her Granddad's chair and read her book. Sometimes she would stand at the bench looking out to sea, steering carefully with the arm of the wrench, so that she missed the mermaids. They were wonderful to watch playing their games, but silly the creatures couldn't  see danger!
Today she had come to read, but just as she got herself settled down and comfy, something caught the corner of her eye. There was a faerie dancing on bench. Annie watched as it  swayed to music only she could hear. Her eyes were closed as she hugged herself and began to swirl into the air, dipping and soaring, spinning round and round until she pulled up with a start and stared at Annie.
Annie stared back, neither of them knowing what to do. Annie bravely asked the Faerie her name and put out her hand. The Faerie took a finger and gently shook it, as she whispered Sapphire, but you can call me Sapph.
Sapphire suddenly cried  that she had to go,  they were looking for her, she quickly explained. She asked Annie to hide her eyes. She shrunk down in size to the smallest small, before fleeing out the door. 
Befuddled, Annie sat in silence, asking herself what had just happened? She thought she must have dosed off, and had been dreaming. She closed her book, and went in for tea.
 So there we have part 1 
Part two is starting to buzz in my head not the story but the art. Hope you can pop back soon. Take care as always 
Hugs Debs xx

A cat named blu

Morning my crafty friends Hope you are all okay. Today I'm over at Thats Crafty with something a little different. Here's a peep but all the details are on That's Crafty blog.  

I hope you like it, take care

Hugs Debs xxx


Sunday 22 May 2016

Water colour play

Hello everyone, thanks for popping in as I have a journal page to share, which I created yesterday morning. 

For the background I used a Prima foam stamp of a poppy, with Ecoline water colour paint. I made lots of prints in different 
I then picked out some shapes and pencilled around them.
I built up the colours giving form, using a mix of Water Soluble pencils and oil pastels 
Lastly I went round everything with a black pen and then added my sentiment.   Loved the effect of the background, hope you like too. Take care  Hugs Debs xxx

Friday 20 May 2016

Show your face

Hi everyone, Friday is here yah! I'm off to Kent today to visit some sites, with my OH. Hoping to see some interesting houses and gardens. before I go I want to share my lates girl with you.   
On Wednesday I was playing with Yupo and used my large journal to lay the paper on which gave me an oblong outlined by my brush strokes. It was in the oblong that I chose to create my girl. I love the grunginess of it.
I used oil Pastels by Prima which are water soluble,  graphite pencil and Inktense Pencils by Dewent.
I didn't like her eye so made some changes, and I couldn't  get her ear to look like an ear so I gave her a nice 80s 
Style earring! Which I think suits her well enough.
I'm going to link my girl to the lovely Kim Dellow's blog, as she invites us to share our faces on a Friday, all the details are here.
Have a great day, and I'll see you soon
Take care
Hugs Debs xxx

Thursday 19 May 2016

Birds in sunshine

Good morning everyone, today I'm over at That's Crafty  where I'm sharing a journal page. Here is a peep 



If you have time pop over to see the full page and all the details 


Take care as always 

Hugs Debs xx


Wednesday 18 May 2016

Yupo part two

Hello everyone, sorry it's so late but wanted to share my second play with Yupo. If you missed yesterday's post you can view it here.   
  I used Black Gesso, then crackle paint, followed by burnt umber Antiquing Cream, all from DecoArt. I spray sealed it and added some  Distress Crayon in chipped sapphire but as I blended I could see purple and black, you can see this in top left of above picture. I used media Fluids and Andy Skinner stencils again from DecoArt.   

It painted on easily and you can make lots of textures


This started off blue but you can see where the distress crayon has changed colour


The colours were very translucent but I like the effect

Great crackle where it cracked, but it didn't crack everywhere! 


I think it stood up well to all the layers which were 7 and I struggled a little to keep it neat but that's me not the paper. Although I've enjoyed playing with it I'm not sure it's giving me anything unique yet. I will play some more, next is grunge paste and sprays. 


Take care and I'll see you soon

Hugs Debs xx


Tuesday 17 May 2016

Yupo and infusions =magic

Evening everyone, just a quick post to share what I've been up to. I popped into Birds in the Barn today, and Janet gave me a few sheets of Yupo to play with, and here it is. The sheets were A4 in size but I cut this one in two so the size is A5
Infusions from Paper Artsy,  sprayed with water for the background 
The stamps are from Hot Pick 1009 from Paper Artsy 
I painted the flowers with white gesso and used a Fibralo Water Soluble Pen over the top, blended with a water pen.
I really loved how it felt to work on. I'll be playing some more and I'll share the results.
See you all soon
Take care, hugs
Debs xxx

Monday 16 May 2016

Doodles at Paper Artsy

Good Evening everyone, tonight I'm sharing a doodles project over at Paper Artsy Blog. Here's a peep!


Hope you like it

Take care as always

Hugs Debs





Sunday 15 May 2016


Morning everyone just! It's a lovely sunny day here in Essex but there are black clouds above so who knows how the day will pan out weather wise.  I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I'm feeling very stressed at the moment as work is in its final stage of takeover where we get to find out what jobs we actually have and who will do what. It's been a tedious process as well as very stredssful. It has also triggered many of my defence mechanisms. We all have them, behaviours we use to defend ourselves from negative feelings which have been triggered by the event or situation one is in. In my case those feeling are abandonment, and rejection. Anyway distancing myself is a way I cope.  Anyway the reason for my post is to share something I feel quite proud of. My first project to be in a magazine Craft Stamper. It's only a readers submission but I was still very excited when it got accepted. Here it is 

STAMPS: Paper Artsy-ESN16.

INKS:       Ranger-Archival ink Black, Watering Can.

OTHER:   Paper Artsy-Fresco Acrylic Paint, Mint Prawn Haystack and Concrete with a little Slate mixed in; We R Memory Keepers-Sew Easy; Tonic Studios-Paper DistresserDecoArt Stencil-Andy Skinner, French Elements 




Inspired by the Paris theme, saw Images of Parisian walkways and sophisticated women drinking coffee, in shabby little cafés.


This fixed in my mind, I took out my Fresco Acrylic paints from Paper Artsy and with some cut ‘n’ dry smooched the paint across the card letting the colours blend. I let this dry while I worked on the next layer.


Distressing the edges of a smaller piece of card gave it the shabby look I was afterbringing my vision to the card. I used the same colours paints for the stencil letting the paint run out before reloading; this gave more interest as the words faded away and would tie it the card background. 


I used the word Paris from Electica SN1from Paper Artsy for the smaller background, and stamped it at the top in Black Inkas well as adding some script randomly in Watering Canfinished the stamping using the main feature from the SN16 as she fitted my vision of the woman drinking coffee. I added a sentiment, and to finish it off, using o poky tool went around the card piecing holes which I then stitched in a matching thread.


Here are some pics of the process





And of course here is the pic of the card in the Craft Stamper. 
I hope you like it! 
Take care for now 
Hugs Debs xx

Saturday 14 May 2016

Here is a face

Good morning everyone, happy weekend. This morning I'm sharing a face I created last night. I had no intention in my playing except I knew I was gong to do a face. Here she is    
I started with my background, I'm using my large Dylusions Journal. The page had loads of circles where I had used a
A blending brush for something and I dotted it around two pages to use up the paint.
Using the same colour  palette I scraped on Media Fluids -DecoArt using A Silicone brush - Prima and the texture brushes also Prima
I just smoothed the brush in the paint and just played around enjoying the textures and patterns. 
I dried this and using Soluable Oil Pastels -Prima I started to add more circles in different colours and sizes.
I worked out where I wanted my face and using Titanium White from the Traditions Range - DecoArt I painted an area roughly the size I wanted. This gave a nice base for your face although there wold be lots of texture from the earlier paint.
Using the Pastels I started on my face. I also used several brands of Water Solouable Pencils for detail and shading. I be how these work over the Pastel.
I confused to add colour and blend. I know she looks a bit weird and the minute!
I used the pastels to create her hair which I didn't like... to try to change the look of the hair slightly without re-working it, I added some 
Adornments using heavy bodied acrylic and I fine writing tip - Ranger.
It was difficult to get a good photo, because of the light. 
I really enjoyed just playing with paints and Pastels and seeing where it goes.
Hope you get to have some crafty time 
Bye for now, and as always 
Take care
Hugs Debs xxx

Friday 13 May 2016

new Challenge

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well. Today launches the new challenge over at That’s Crafty. The theme is Friday 13th pt1 what a brilliant theme starting today. I must admit we were all a bit stumped at first but then the ideas flew.

Make sure you read the rules to enter and if you are the lucky winner you will win a £20 voucher to spend in the shop.

My team mates have made some fantastic creations for you over on the blog to spark your own creations and here is mine.



Started with a journal background and That’s Crafty Dinky stencils randomly cleaned on the page.



Then I used Paper Artsy Infusions to add depth and interest. Once dry I added some doodled diamonds – inspired by Tracy Scott and then my stencilled skull by Andy Skinner.



I added the hair and body and painted in the circles. To bring it all together I blended Water Soluble oil pastels by Prima in several colours. I loved smooshing these around blending and activating with water. I also use Inktense pencils to add some shading.



So I hope we have inspired you to get creative bye for now

Take carer as always


Debs xxx



New challenge


Thursday 12 May 2016

Great day for that's Crafty

Morning everyone, usually I'm over at That's Crafty but today they have gone somewhere special. You can see some of their new products on the Telly today at 11am. Yes that's rights they are on HOCHNADA yay! And our very own Lauren will be demoing their products. Wishing you every success!  

So I thought I'd show you some of the creations I made for samples for the show starting with ATCs and a great holder for them



This little coaster was featured in Craft Stamper this month as That's Crafty offered some fab goodies free for subscribers 

And of course last week I shared one of my girls 

You can see that the substrates will take about anything you can throw at them which is great for me as I love building texture. As part of the design team I do receive products to work on free but my opinions are my own, and I love these.


Take care as always 

Hugs Debs xxx