Thursday 26 May 2016

Story tellers Art

Evening crafty friends, I've been lucky to take an online course with  Robin Laws called Story Tellers Art. What I'm sharing was done on a piece of mixed media paper. I was just playing but became so involved with the story telling it's self as I painted that I had to continue. I'll use this to inspired my story board.    So here's my picture and the story follows. 
Part 1
She opened her eyes for the second time and it was still there. How can this be? Thought Annie!
Now she had turned eleven she wasn't suppose to believe in things like that, and yet there it was  10inches from her face, hovering in the air staring back at her.
Annie came to the shed every day after school, she liked to sit in her Granddad's chair and read her book. Sometimes she would stand at the bench looking out to sea, steering carefully with the arm of the wrench, so that she missed the mermaids. They were wonderful to watch playing their games, but silly the creatures couldn't  see danger!
Today she had come to read, but just as she got herself settled down and comfy, something caught the corner of her eye. There was a faerie dancing on bench. Annie watched as it  swayed to music only she could hear. Her eyes were closed as she hugged herself and began to swirl into the air, dipping and soaring, spinning round and round until she pulled up with a start and stared at Annie.
Annie stared back, neither of them knowing what to do. Annie bravely asked the Faerie her name and put out her hand. The Faerie took a finger and gently shook it, as she whispered Sapphire, but you can call me Sapph.
Sapphire suddenly cried  that she had to go,  they were looking for her, she quickly explained. She asked Annie to hide her eyes. She shrunk down in size to the smallest small, before fleeing out the door. 
Befuddled, Annie sat in silence, asking herself what had just happened? She thought she must have dosed off, and had been dreaming. She closed her book, and went in for tea.
 So there we have part 1 
Part two is starting to buzz in my head not the story but the art. Hope you can pop back soon. Take care as always 
Hugs Debs xx


  1. A post with a differences. Enjoyed the story and your art is as lovely as always

  2. How lovely - words and pictures! - and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Looking forward to part 2.
    Alison x


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