Friday, 22 August 2014

Clare Lloyd inspired face tag

Good evening and welcome to my face tag inspired by the lovely Clare Lloyd. She has been bringing us her lovely girls over the last four months on the Paper Artsy blog. Check them out here

Now many of you know I love drawing and painting faces but what you won't know, is that I've started an online course at the London Art College for a certificate course in life drawing and painting. I have two years to compete the course so plenty of time. 

So far I'm self taught and although I can see improvements I feel I'm missing the basic fundermentals that will allow my journey to progress further. I really enjoy stamping and mixed media but painting and drawing is my first love. Well, I'll see how it goes, I might start to and hate it.

Anyway onto my tag. I started much the same way as Clare but then things changed. It is a weird feeling because i start out in control,  and then something takes over to which I have to follow. It reminds me of Bob Ross whom I used to watch years ago as he described his trees being shook out of the brush. The girl takes shape. Hehe ( no I'm not mad!)

As you can see she grew some wings. 

My background is lilac fresco finish Acrylic Paint my face is vintage lace. The dress is dolly mixture.

Here's where mine differed in that I turned to my prisma colors for the shading. I used my white sharpie pen to add detail to wings and some scribbles on her dress and the background. On the wings I used a silver pencil just under the white to add a little shadow.

 I struggle a little with small faces because I cannot see the detail as well - I probably need my eyes tested again but keep putting off.  So, I think the face looks a little messy close up, I also think her nose is going the wrong way slightly but hey none of us are perfect are we. 

Thank you for your visit which I hope you enjoyed. And thank you Clare for your inspiration. 

Take care and have a fab weekend 

Debs xxx



  1. Think that you are still too self critical Deborah. You have an instinct and it is spot on. Your faces are amazing. She is stunning and you should be very proud of your work. Xx

  2. Fabulous Deborah and yes I agree with Hazel, you are too hard on yourself! Her face is so full of character and I adore how you have brought out the detail with your pencils and sharpie. From where I'm sitting, any imperfections, real or imagined, just add t her character, she is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful lilac Angel, she is very pretty, a great face, full of character and wisdom. You do lovely eyes...

    Congratulations on starting your course, i hope you love every lesson:-) xxx

  4. She's lovely, I like how most things I do sort of 'make themselves' they dictate how they want to be, when you follow along and allow them to develop naturally the end result is always better instead of being forced. Go with it, you are doing a great job. i look forward to watching your progress through the course you are taking.

  5. Okay, I am just blown away - you are SO talented! Wonderful drawing, detailing and colouring. Enjoy your uni course, it will be talent well shaped.

  6. She is lovely, great image and beautiful her face xx


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