Friday 3 October 2014

23-29 faces Phew!

Evening all,  and a happy Friday's Eve to you and thank you for visiting. As I write this I'm sitting looking at the garden and smiling to myself because of how lovely it felt. It was still very warm!

Recently I have been watching my Dina Wakerley lessons and reading her book. I love her free and easy style; these last faces are inspired by Dina's style. I used charcoal and my left hand, as I'm right handed to draw the faces.

I really enjoyed the process hense all the faces, it was very freeing and had I not had to go out, I  would have probably produced many more. It felt similar to when I do gelly printing once you start it's hard to stop. 

Anyway here they are in no particular order.

These drawings were a real challenges for as the style is so different from I'm used to doing, but that's what it's all about ...Right?

This last drawing is another draft of the picture I'm going to paint in the Radient face workshop run by Effy Wild. It looks to be a brilliant workshop.

Thanks for your visit. Take care and see you soon




  1. How amazing are you drawing left handed when you are predominantly right handed, now that's getting into the zone.

    Such a different look but wonderful, can see DW's scribbly influences a lot.

    So glad you are enjoying the flowers in your garden. Looking forward to seeing how your face progresses during the Radiant Workshop.

    Have a lovely weekend:-) xxx

  2. These are amazing, Deborah! They are so full of movement, really lively and exciting. You just get better and better with every one! I must have a go at drawing with my left hand. I love drawing faces: I really wish I'd joined in with this challenge. Julie Ann xxx

  3. So much character in these faces, brilliant!

  4. Exciting stuff and very brave to draw with left hand. Amazing results. I have a class with Dina on faces this month. Can't wait! Xx

  5. Well done on completing all 29 faces! Great to see you enjoying yourself and just being free with your drawing. Claire x


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