Saturday 11 October 2014

Radiant faces lesson 3

Good vening everyone, I hope you have been having a good Saturday. Today my face is inspired by Christy Tomlinson who provided us with a fab lesson in Radiant Faces.

I forgot to take pictures sorry I sort of got carried away. 

I tore patterned paper, positioned and stuck it down with Matt medium. Once it was dry I added some media line paint in magenta here and there.

Once the background was dry I sketched out my lady and filled in her face and body with flesh coloured acrylic. Once dry I drew my face and added flowers and added her dress.

 Very different style for me but I  loved making her. Thanks for visiting and see you soon.

Debs xx


  1. Very pretty. The technique reminds me of Chagall's paintings - they are very delicately coloured like this and have a sort of collage quality about them. xxx

  2. Such a sophisticated lady with a lovely necklace and flowers in her hair, very Flamenco!

    Awesome drawing Debs, you do CT style well, love her rosy cheeks too.

    Made a note of supplies you are using, thank you for mentioning them.

    Have a great weekend:-) xxx

  3. Know what Julie Ann means about Chagall, loving your work babe!! Xx

  4. Stunning! Love the background and then how the face emerges from it with those beautiful flowers in her hair!

    My pencils arrived today, thanks so much for your help with that. In the end I got them from Tiger pens as they were cheaper there and you can buy them singly, but you gave me the right reference number with your link, which was really helpful!

    have a good Sunday!


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