Friday 13 November 2015

Made it, Well it is still Friday!

Hi there, thanks for popping. On Fridays I like to create a face; I love creating faces, and I'm learning to let go, and loosen up. And, I love linking to Kim Dellow's Show your face If you don't know about Kim's big link up then follow the link. In brief a wonderful array of faces get shared from some amazing artists. It truely is wonderful, seeing so many different styles.

For November Km invites us to create in a style of our favourite established artists; I haven't had time so far but hope to have a go.

Another great place is Face to Face, a closed Facebook group who share their faces. You can ask to be added if you would like to share your faces.

I haven't mangaged to create much lately as work has taken much of my energy, which is good! I feel I have a renewed interest, a new challenge. But that's work, so enough of that! Back to not having enough time or energy to create much. What I did have time for was some digital art.

I am really loving these small circles and have been playing with them a lot on the iPad. I'm after the new IPad by the way but it's not looking good... Yet!

Well enough waffle, I'll say good bye now, take care all! see you soon, hugs Debs xxx




  1. Very simple and lovely. (Maybe because it reminds me of ME--round curls and birds! Mine are Buddy the conure and Algebra the talking parakeet!)

  2. Wonderful face, the simplicity of the lines makes it great. Hugs, Valeriel

  3. Oh this is lovely, soexpressive!

    Lucy x

  4. Love this Debs, brilliant face xx


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