Friday 25 April 2014

Just in time

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting today. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend. Have you ever had a project that you really want to do, but somehow get side tracked every time you go to start. Well that's what happened to me with this one.

Darcy has been making a monthly journal page with lots of good tips and techniques over on the Paper Artsy blog. See hers here. I will be entering this into the challenge.

I started mine by pretty much following Darcy's, that was until I started to deviate. Here are the first few 

And this is where it started to change. Mine is only a one page spread. I used a stamp to form a frame and then stencilled my flowers. As you can see my stencilling needs much more practice. It is my least favourite technique and yet looks so yummy on others work. 

It didn't help with the flower colour being so similar to the background, but I continued until I felt it had got to the best I could get it, without starting over. I then added a sentiment.

So there it is. There are parts I love about this page and there are bits I'm not so keen on. That's ok because I enjoyed the make and that it so important to me. 

Thank you looking, and I'd love to read your thoughts

Debs xx



  1. Pretty, pretty, glad you enjoyed it. X

  2. How funny was that, I was just sat there thinking that the only reason your stencilling didn't stand out was because you'd used a colour that was in the same part of the background, and then in the next paragraph, you said exactly the same thing. I think if you'd of used a darker colour, say baltic blue or eggplant, it would of come out perfect. Trial and error is the name of the game and as long as you're having fun, what does it really matter xxx

    Sam xxx

  3. Another gorgeous piece from you Debs. Love the beautiful colours & design.

    Lesley Xx

  4. Really like the colour choices, lovely page.

  5. Finding out what you dont like is just as important as finding out what you do like. It is all building into a database of knowledge that you take forward to other projects. I like the blends in your background, and perhaps adding a translucent wash over your flower would just make it stand out a little more.

  6. When in doubt use pencils, charcoal or inks directly from their container to change outlines or colours. Nothing i don't like about your journal page, sometimes it's good to not have a focal point and do something different. Your page would have made a fantastic masterboard which you could have scanned into your computer and played with over and over again.

    Huge fan of your ArT Deborah:-) xxx

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  8. Hmm i like this, however I do agree on the colour of the flower, would stand out more if it were a different colour, or even u had incorporated a shadow effect? Xx


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