Thursday 10 April 2014

Make a tag box

Good morning, I hope you are all well and enjoying the spring weather. As I write I am in the summer house listening to the birds chatter. I am trying to rid myself of a head ache so thought I'd post this Tag box I have made.

All materials are from Paper Artsy except,  distress ink - ranger, balsa wood, and lace I cannot remember. I started with the balsa wood, it has been cut into useful sizes. I assembled what I need to make a simple box to hold my ever growing Tag collection. I didn't make it very large as I wanted to make different ones as I need them. I thought this might be a good reminder of how my style and skills change over time. 

So I cut my pieces to make an internal size of 5 x5 inches or approx 12.5x12.5 cm. I used hot glue for this.

Once it was dry I used grunge paste as a filler in the corner gaps, this also added a nice texture to the corner of box - I was going for an old crate look. I then left it alone for a few days as I got bored. I picked it up again with renewed inspiration and cut some paper from Chatsworth collection to line the inside. I didn't want it too precise so as to add to the recycled look. I added some feet by adding some tiny cotton reels. 

Next I painted most of the box with fresco acrylic paint in French roast. The next layer was crackle glaze  in specific areas of across the top and sides, and once dry I coated in fresco acyrlic in mushroom. This is the first time I used this colour and I am so loving it! 

I then used a heat tool and watch the magic happen that is the crackle glaze. Lots of tiny cracks in keeping with the scale of my box appeared I was thrilled.

Once the box was dry,  I  used distress ink, in stained walnut to the edges and corners, just to add more age and weather to the box. I then stamped flowers and leaves from Lin Brown 01,  around the sides randomly, in  black archival . I heat dried them and used Portfolio pastels to colour in the flowers and leaves. I then added a lace border to the bottom.

 I also added a touch of treasure silver here and there.

And now to put the the Tags in 

At this stage I thought it was finished but wasn't happy. Something didn't look right. So I took the offend lace of a Da ..Da 

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long post. See you next time, take care. Xx 


  1. Love your tag box, great crackle and fab decoration

    Sam xxx

  2. Not a long post at all! Great way to store your Tags. I always wonder what crafters do with their makes, i usually have a reason to make something otherwise just too much to store in my little house lol.

    Great techniques and colours, good to see you remove the lace, don't want to cover up those lovely reel feet :-) xxx

  3. Gorgeous Deborah! Mushroom is one of my favourite colours too and it makes a perfect base for Lin's lovely flowers. What a lovely box for your tag collection (they're pretty fab too)!

    Lesley Xx

  4. Beautiful box with beautiful tags to match. The flowers are so pretty and spring-like and the Crackle looks fabulous. I love the setting for the photographs too! Julie Ann xxx

  5. Deborah I love your are very creative lady!
    Hugs from Slovenia


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