Saturday 26 April 2014

More sewing

Today has been a mixed day, usual tidying and shopping and then home for brunch, but I didn't  get the usual rush to go play. 

I looked through  sources of inspiration but nothing spoke to me. Usually when that happens, if start painting on a tag or in a journal, it starts to flow and then I'm off. Those amongst you who are crafters of art, will probably know that, of which I speak, that life force which blazes through your veins as ideas pop one by one. Well it didn't happen today.

I half made a tag but was quickly bored. I started tidying, and sorting, but nothing was going to kinder that spark, so I went into the upstairs room, which now houses, the sewing machine, wool, books, paper and card stash. I love having the sewing machine set up and ready to go. 

Sitting and relaxing sparked the flame, more ipad covers,  and I was off. I have now made another two. The first, is very plain. Like the others it has a pocket at the front for phone, or head phones as well a place to put your stylus if you have one.

On this one I added some satin bias tape, I alsoI drew and cut out a heart which I stitched onto the pocket. I used a pretty stitch which gave  scolloped  edge.


Here it is in use. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing where my journey took me today. Take care all, and hope to see you soon. Xxx



  1. Clever and so useful. Tidying up just does it for me. Love the results. Xx

  2. This is lovely deb and useful too,

    Lucy x

  3. Ooooh excellent Debs and great to see it in use xxx

  4. Good to see all three iPad covers, very girly colours & rather cute! Hope to see more very soon:-) xxx

  5. What a fab gift this would make Debs. It's lovely but useful too!

    Lesley Xx


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