Wednesday 11 January 2017


Hello everyone, thanks for popping in! Did you see the the discussion we started on what to do when your inspiration goes on holiday? If you missed it or would like to have your say please follow this link.

Today on the blog I'm sharing a pocket letter which the lovely Chris Cresswell challenged us to make and then swap with members in the group who wish to participate. I had never heard of a pocket letter before, and so intrigued, I had to investigate! Well, I loved what I found, and couldn't wait to play along. I am going to enter this into Craft Stamper take it make challenge this month which Anything Goes.


Hidden somewhere in a pocket there is also a message for the person receiving my pocket. There weren't many rules, we just had to choose a theme. I started by drawing some flowers and painting them with shimmering watercolours.


The idea was, that the flowers would act as a background, but to be honest I didn't like them and so was stuck! After much thought
I decided to turn them over over and let inspiration fill my mind. It didn't quite work like that though, as I sat there searching every corner of my mind for a tiny glimmer, a butterfly fluttered onto my table. Actually I'd dislodge a little box I keep bits and pieces in, and the whole lot tipped onto my table including the butterfly! Well that was it, I had my theme, and it pretty much flowed from there!

Several times my choices seemed to be over powered by another force. On one card I tried to attach the word Cherish, but before it was stuck fast, I managed to knock it off, never to be found! Instead the word blessed showed itself so I used it instead. Another instance was when I was trying to get some gems out of their tray. I wanted round Pearl like ones, and what I got was blue squares, so again I went with it. I love these little things that happen as they feed my imagination of art creating itself, or we create to some inner dance that needs life lol.

Here are a few shots of how they developed, I used such a mix of bits and pieces that I couldn't begin to tell you where they are all from, as most were loose in my draw or just in a plastic bag. However, the Stencils were from That's Crafty and many of the gems and emphera came from Artful Days and in particular from a goodie box which is filled with fabulous bit. You can check them out here




And a few close ups of my favourites 




And here they are in their pockets


I must admit I think I'm addicted now. 

If you would like to see them all in close up why not pop over to my Pinterest page where you will be about to see them! 

Take care 
Hugs Debsxx 



  1. Love this, it made me laugh, it was though we were chatting like we used to !!!!

  2. Lovely ATCs Deb! Gorgeous bits on them. xxx

  3. Love these Debs. Funny enough I have just watched a Wanderlust video where Kasia made a set of mosaics that each had detail on. Perhaps this is a suggestion that I should work small, I certainly feel inspired after seeing your butterfly atc's. You made me laugh by the way, about how you lost the word cherish and picked up blue gems instead of pearl. Sometimes our work directs us rather than other way round!

    1. Thanks Sandie, and so true we are just the vessel through which art is created!

  4. Gorgeous ! I must have a go at a pocket letter again !
    Corrie x


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