Tuesday 17 January 2017

Face tutorial

Hello everyone, welcome! Thank you for stopping by as I have one of my faces to share with lots of photos showing the different stages it went through before I finished. I put the detail and materials I used at the bottom of the post, so sit back and scroll through the stages, and I'll see you at the bottom!










I hope the photos helped to show how she developed 

I started by sketching out the face using a graphite pencil and once happy, I  switched to Prima Water Soluble Pencils to block in some colour.
Next I used white acrylic paint to lighten the face and added Prima Water soluble Oil Pastels to add more shadows. 

I moved between the Oil Pastels and Pencils until I felt I had the skin tone to where I was happy. I added Inktense Pencils to add the brighter colours.
The background was created using Ecoline watercolours in purple and I added a little blue to the hair. I used a black Stabilo pencil to darken the eyes and to give details.

The background stamping was created using butterflies and text from Rubber Dance


I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear your thoughts.

Take care
Hugs xx



  1. I love this.
    The photos of the different stages are great.
    I really like the face and all your colours.

  2. There's such a gentle, dreamy look in her eyes - and I love that little ringlet of hair. Great to see how you built the layers of shading, though I have to say I was already sold at the very first stage you shared! Beautiful work.
    Alison x

  3. She is gorgeous, her face is beautiful . Tracy x

  4. She has such a beautiful face, Debs!

  5. I enjoyed looking through all the processes and build up to the final outcome. Very talented indeed.


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