Friday 11 December 2015

New face

Morning everyone thank you for popping by as I know how busy we all are. I'm off to Wales tonight to see my family. I've been saving up my nana hugs for little ones as the big one is far too cool! It doesn't seem that long ago he would catch nana kisses and put them in his heart to save them.

My face today was created on my new iPad with Procreate. I love the ease of the programme and the iPad is far more sensitive to pressure. I hope you like her. I'm linking her to Kim Dellows show your face all the details follow the link.

Here is how she was made, you will see the all the different changes I made which is one of the reason I like doing digital art,the undo button and the eraser lol.

Well that's me see you soon hugs Debs xxx



  1. I love the soft expression on her face. Thank you for posting the process. I have been wanting to try the program but have been a bit nervous about it. I think I will brave it and give it a try!

  2. Hi Debs, hope you're okay, not been about much, this work lark is getting in the way. Glad you've found time to play, great face xx

  3. What a sweet expression on the face you've shared. I think you're very clever creating faces using technology like this!And the results you achieve are always so beautiful. I always find it hard to think of you as a granny, as you don't look old enough!xx

  4. She's so sweet - and I found the video riveting! How amazing to be able to change things with such ease, without wrecking all the hard work that's gone before - I loved the journey through all the hair styles. The curly one looked great to me, but probably because it was like the crazy hair on my own head!!

    Hope you've been enjoying a wonderful time with your family - and even though the older one may not show it so much, I bet underneath he loves a nana hug as much as ever.
    Alison xx

  5. Oh my goodness I LOVED watching your process!! I do that with hair too when I am working digitally!! You got the hair that suits her perfectly! Love her delicate face....gorgeous work!! Enjoy... I have an android that I enjoy too!!

    Hugs Giggles


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