Friday 4 December 2015

Face for Friday

Hello again, this afternoon I'm sharing a face I completed using soft pastels. I was inspired to use pastels again by the very talented Ivy Newport whose online class Shades of White I'm currently enjoying. Back in the day (80's) I used pastels all the time for faces as I could blend the colours better. Something to use more me thinks.

I will be linking her to Kim Dellows Show your face all the details here
Anyway here she is

I took this picture just after I had sprayed her with a gloss vanish I love the effect it created

Here is one before the spray.


I was still pleased with her but love the sprayed one as she almost looks like she's made from concrete.


Take care all and I'll see you soon hugs Debs xx




  1. She is a BEAUTY!
    Happy weekend!

  2. She's really beautiful, Deb - love how you've got the angle of the head and gorgeous shading for warmth around the cheeks and eyes. I'd've gone in to shock when the spray did that - but you're right, the effect is spectacular!
    Alison xx

  3. What a lovely piece! She has such emotion...

  4. I love how the spray serendipitously created a really different look for the pastel portrait! Those moments are great. I love the unpredictability of creating! This is beautiful work, Deborah. xx

  5. The spray gives an amazing effect to your beautiful face Debs and I think she looks absolutely stunning like that.
    Fliss xx


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