Thursday 20 November 2014

Stabilo pencil review

Hi everyone, I have been asked to several times to share some information about the Stabilo all pencil.

I cannot compare it to other pencils that will go on most surfaces as I found this one and as it works so well stuck with it.

I came across the pencil by watching tutorials by Dina Wakely on her workshop site. I bought several of them from Amazon.

It's a nice pencil to hold and I enjoy using it. Below I have shown the outcome of different pressures using the pencil. It is water soluble so one side you will see the pencil activated. 

Sorry this so blurred!

It has a soft core and so needs to be sharpened regularly you can get a fine point again below shows the different thicknesses you can get.

One disadvantage is that it is difficult to rub out so I will often sketch my drawing first and when happy go over with the stabilo to give depth to my shadows.

The great advantage is that it works really well over acrylic paint so great to use over inky painty backgrounds 

I hope this helps a little thanks for the visit xxx

Debs xxx



  1. Bought one of these pencils on your recommendation & started using it on the annoversary cards i blogged today. Has a good feel but boy it's tough to take away once on your page you are so right!

    Thank you for this post, really helpful and i adore your face and background:-) xxx

  2. Thanks Debs,really useful info...I may treat myself to one...having said that I have a new set of polychromos that I've yet to use yet :/

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  3. Thank you so much for this, Deborah. Now I know more I'm going to look into purchasing one of these. xxx

  4. What a great review, debs, thank you. I have been dreaming of pencils after the art shop yesterday!

    Lucy x

  5. Hi Debs! Thank you for the info! Much appreciated!
    I have been thinking about treating myself to one after seeing Dana drawing with it... It does look like it would be hard to remove... just like a charcoal pencil... are these the same?
    Ingrid xx

  6. Thanks for this Debs. I've often wondered about this pencil so this is useful.

    Lesley Xx

  7. Oooh that looks like an interesting must have - thank you. Love it when peeps experiment and share their findings xxx


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