Saturday 15 February 2014

I'm on vacation

...sorry I'm not really, but I have a suitcase all tattered with age which suggests many voyages around the world. It has now come home to stay, and is collecting dust in the loft. What's is she talking about you might ask, well the lovely Julie Ann, this week in her guest designer spot on the Paer Artsy blog showed us her fabulous aged case. You can see hers here.

For mine I first painted it in vintage lace by Paper Artsy ( I know, I use that colour all the time but I love it) Once it was dry I used cinnamon to give it an aged/rusty look around the edges rim etc. I then added a little French roast to make it mucky. Well it would be wouldn't. It been round the world many times. 

In keeping with a vintage piece of luggage it has stamps and postal marks to note where it has been as well as some tags to say where its going. Inside I painted it blue and green and stamped some designs to add the feel of it being old. I wanted it to look like a silk lining.

As it's not used anymore we use it for storage - it has all the old postcards from people we love. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at my old piece of luggage. Sorry about the photos the sun was shining too much!!  As ever I would love to read your comments.

Hugs Debs xx



  1. Ooooh perfect, certainly looks well travelled - hehehehe!!!

    Sam xxx

  2. Looks like it has travelled to lots of intresting places. Love the silk lining effect.


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comment and the follow. I just looked at your blog it's great :) x

  4. Fabulous suitcase,beautiful colours and tags, I love the silk lining.

  5. Love the colours inside and out! It does look like it's been through the wars, in more ways than one!

  6. Love your aged suitcase & think you were very brave to cut up all your PA Postcards!

    Great colour combos, beautiful work & a great back story.

    Hope you feeling much better Lovely, sending hugs:-) xxx

  7. This is gorgeous, Deborah! I love all your little details on the outside that show how well travelled it is. The inside is superb and it really does resemble a silk lining! What a great idea to use the PA postcards in this way too. Thank you so much for playing along with PaperArtsy this week. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful project. Julie Ann xxx

  8. Love the vintage lace with the cinnamon and love the word "mucky". It does look like a well travelled case and lovely idea to store postcards in it. Beautiful work Deborah. X

  9. oooo i love this, it really does look authentic and old, fabulous. How cool that you filled it with PA postcards too. Even my girl with the green hair made it in there lol

  10. really looks likes it been around the world a couple of times! like the silk look inside the lid too xx

  11. I love the silk lining effect Deb, a gorgeous little box!
    Alison xxx


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