Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ellen Vargo Inspired

Last week Ellen's fab stamps were introduced to the world. They are really great and I cannot wait to get some to play. You can see how she used them on the Paper Artsy blog this week. I thought I'd have a go a decorating another journal cover in the style Ellen used. I have had to improvise with stamps but it came out ok.

I started with the same colour combo as my last journal and added some spiral shapes in inky pool 

I used a smaller one with snowflake but because it still had geranium on it from my previous journal it mixed and created a pinky colour which end worked well with the paper I was going use for my flower.

I used a gelly print page I add made at christmas as I loved the colours. I again used geranium archival to my home made stamps then cut them out. I used the same paper for the stalk and and leaves.

I assembled the flower and let it dry.

I decorated the flower using a white paint pen which I also splashed onto the cover. 

Next I added my words 

And then decorated them and added some finishing touches.

And the finished cover

Thank you for looking 

Hugs Debs xx



  1. This looks stunning, Deborah!

    Lucy x

  2. so cool, I love the stripes in the background, the whole thing looks flooded with light, marvelous.

  3. Great cover, love the blue background.


  4. This is great Deborah and brilliant improvisation. Lovely colours throughout and like Darcy I love the extra interest created by the stripes in the background.

    Lesley Xx

  5. The circles look like eyes looking at you from your journal cover, love it! Fantastic improvisation and great shapes and layering have created a fab piece of ArT :-) xxx

  6. Gorgeous colours & fab doodling! Love this Deb! xxx


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