Retro cards

Hi everyone just a quick post to show how I created some Retro cards



All the backgrounds are green or blue Bistre.

I then drew out my design, all except the reindeer were just out of my head, for the reindeer I used a reference photo.

I painted the design in white acrylic so that the colours were bright 

I repeated the process for all cards


Once I was satisfied with all I mounted them onto a plain white card. 



I hope you like them as I love them, and I loved creating them too!


Take care, hugs


Deborah Wainwright
Deborah Wainwright

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  1. They are all lovely, the candle and the holly are my fave's!!

  2. you clever thing you! love the candle.

  3. They're all really beautiful Debs, great drawing and painting.
    Fliss xx

  4. these are amazing debs - absolutely brilliant! Love them! Hugs rachel x

  5. Awesome cards Deborah!! Your painting so lovely, I love the Bambi card. xx

  6. Wow! These are really cool. What a great concept and beautiful result! Hugs, Autumn

  7. Hi Debs! I'm so pleased I found you. I love your art, and I especially love vintage and French art. These cards are beyond awesome. I wonder if you'll share some for our Christmas challenge at WEP? They would be amazing!

    Have a great week!


    1. Hi Denise, thank you so much. I will definitely share for the challenge. 😊


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