Monday 21 November 2016

Composite play

Hello everyone today in sharing a quick post about some of my digital work. I've taken many of Ivy Newport and Robin Laws online classes but two in focus today are Paint and Pixel and Mobile Magic. Both are using digital art but in slightly different ways. Today I'm focusing on Composite Art.
I used several images from royalty starting free stock but of course you can use your own photos or artwork or a mixture in any combination.  I've used 6 different photos and the apps I've used are Procreate Stackables, Repix and Brush strokes and Distressed FX. I pulled all my photos into Procreate on different layers so that I can manipulate each piece individually.     
Here are some snaps of the different stages
Then into Repix where I added some colour and visual texture
Then into DistressedFX to tone it down and add the Birds.
Then back to Procreate to add the words
Here is a quick video from Procreate
Finally I took it into Stackables where it got its purple colour. I stopped there as I wanted to keep it simple but you could continue to add pieces to your art, all of which will change it in some way.
I hope you like this, if you have any questions please leave in the comments or email me.
Take care hugs 
Debs xx

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  1. I don't know where you find the time to do these online courses, or maybe unlike me you don't just get home from work and sit on the sofa!! great art, very clever.


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