Wednesday 10 February 2016


Hello everyone, thanks for popping in. I do hope you are all well. I've been busy with lots posts for the design teams I am on, (checkout the sidebar) but this one is for me. I was so inspired by Paper Artsy's new challenge and in particular Lin Brown's Post which you can see here. So I got out the wax! I will enter this into the challenge.

I was first introduced to Wax by Ivy Newport on one of her online courses and I was hooked. Like most of us though there is never enough time play as much, so haven't practiced as much as I would have liked.
I started with some deep pink, blue and silver and the heated iron onto an 8x8 Grey/white board. I played with colours until I got the effect I wanted.

Using the heated stylus thingy and pointy tip I started to draw my design on the waxed board. I used white and silver wax.


So I got my design and I loved creating it, where I went wrong, was when I used the heat gun to fuse the layer. I could have laid a couple of layers of clear wax first, which would have helped the coloured wax stay in the areas I wanted it. Instead, because I was heating the layer of coloured wax it moved everywhere.

Here are a couple of shots close up. I loved what the wax did, but it was not what I intended. I do love that that there is an unpredictable quality working with wax, as you are never sure of the end result.

The next shot show the unevenness of the wax and why you heat it until it fuses and evens itself out.


And this is finished except it hasn't cooled which is why it is so milky white.


Once it was completely cold I gave it a good shine with a soft cloth

Working with wax is so much fun that I'm sure there will be more from me soon. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my waxy play. Take care of yourselves, and I'll see you all soon.

Debs xx




  1. Love your descriptions of encaustic tools Debs, pointy thing works for me lol.

    Stunning colours and effects, very ethereal... L9oking forward to seeing more wax play:-) xxx

  2. Your description is very colourful Deborah, but you are so much more technical than me. Love the unpredictability of it and I must delve more into the complications of encaustic art! Mine was just a mash up! Xx

  3. awesome work Debs - have to play tonight - thanks for the inspirations xx

  4. Wow!! This is enchanting Deborah. Beautiful colours and textures. I love your unpredictable results too. xxx

  5. How funny - I've just been playing with wax too - nothing on this scale, just melting a few pellets on a project, but I love the effects you've achieved here... I need an extra craft room if I'm going to start playing with encaustics though!
    Alison xx

  6. Beautiful - I have the kit but had a go with the wax pellets I used for making massage bars. Its is Such fun and, like you, I love that you dont really know how it will turn out.

  7. Lovely results even if not quite what you were envisaging!

  8. I love the end result even if it wasn't quite what you intended xx

  9. Lots of fun but so uncontrollable! I once saw a demo of these tools in an Art fair and although they make it look easy it's nothing of the sort!


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