Saturday 6 June 2015


Hello everyone, great of you to stop by. I got to play this morning on a A3 canvas.

All Materials were supplied by DecoArt who are very generous with their products. I love the Media Mists and Fluids and for what I had in mind today, just perfect for the job.
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I applied Traditions Extender and Blending Medium onto the canvas almost covering it. This extends the drying time and makes the colours easy to blend, especially if you want a more fluid effect.

I then sprayed the canvas and turned it around to get some drips. I wiped and dabbed and blended the colours.

The photo above doesn't show the inspiration for the painting but in the next one I have used a pencil to form what I could see.


I love it when art creates itself, it's so satisfying to feel intune with my creation. It's this feeling that calls to me constantly and can be annoying when I don't have the time.

I used the Media Fluids to add shadow and depth to the painting and lighter colours to increase the light.
I worked back and forth across the painting until it felt finished . Here are some of the stages.

The finished picture 

Fantastic Saturday! I've also been in the loft sorting again, another car full tomorrow. 

Take care all and enjoy the rest of evening.  See you soon xxxx

Hugs Debs xxx


  1. Oh yes I really do love this Debs,it's got a real magical quality to it. I'm happy to hear that you create like that too, I constantly see images in things and thought it was just me being a bit dreamy lol
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. So lovely to see how your stunning painting came about Debs and it really does have an ethereal look to it.
    Fliss xx

  3. This is so lovely Deborah! It takes my breath away! xxx


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Hugs Debs xxx

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