Wednesday 10 June 2015

Is this technique New?

Hello me again with just a quicky. I was playing last night and came up with this. Have you seen this before? I know I haven't, I got the idea while making something else and gave it a go.

Above what you can see is a 4x4 board which has one coat of burnt umber and a face painted with weathered wood crackle glaze.

used Titanium White over the top.

I was so excited I forgot to take more photos. I rubbed Patina Antiquing Cream all over and then once dry rubbed it back. With a Stabilio All,in black I added some shadows around the face.

 I love this effect and cannot wait to play more. On this project I've used DecoArt products. 
Im calling this technique Crackle Drawing. 

That's it for now, see you soon Debs xx



  1. Wonderful resulted, I love the huge crackle, can't wait to see next one! xx

  2. Wow Debs, that's an amazing idea!! I tried to stamp with the crackle medium once, but it didn't work because the medium got into all the crevices and the result was just a big smoosh! But the painting idea is pure genius!! Look forward to seeing what else you come up with for this. hugs :)

  3. Nope I've not seen this before Debs, a world debut ;). Actually, don't forget to send it to Decoart so they can feature it, I can imagine that using buildings on a massive canvas,would look stunning!
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  4. It's a great idea Debs and I've not seen it anywhere else, no.

  5. Fab effects, I don't recall seeing it anywhere before xx


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