Sunday, 28 December 2014

Journal cover part 2

Morning everyone. Ooh it's a chilli morning here in Essex although lovely and bright. Hope you are well and enjoy your day. I'm off to my Dad's for lunch which will be nice.

Okay, so onto part 2 of my journal cover. This is the journal I will use for my new mixed media challenge  I will be hosting monthly. Please see previous post for details.

So here is the video - I hope you enjoy. This is my first live action video. It is me in my craft room as I really am. You will see the the untouched hair and glimpses of me in my PJs. In there I don't worry about what I look like and to be honest I didn't give it a thought until I edited the video, and by then it wasn't important.

I really enjoyed watching myself create and I think we can learn a lot about ourselves by observing that which we don't usually get to see.

Take care love to all


  1. Your video is wonderful Debs and i agree we can learn by watching but i probably won't as i really hate having my picture taken lol. Great to see you in your pj's all relaxed and happily drawing and painting, the finished journal looks amazing!

    Stay safe when you visit your Dad and enjoy your lunch date :-) xxx

  2. Your journal cover looks great, and I love your "as it really is" video. I hate those ones where they've clearly had a manicure before doing the filming!! I thought I was already signed up, but now definitely am, and looking forward to 20th January.
    Alison xx

  3. Fab video Deborah you look so absorbed in what you're doing it's lovely to watch xx can't wait for the challenge xx

  4. oh, I so agree with Alison about your video! It's so liberating to see someone else who loves to create in PJs with lovely, wild hair - totally absorbed in the creative process! I love how you've blended the paint and the gentle colours you chose and I adore the soundtrack too. This was a lovely, relaxing and inspiring video and I felt as if I was there creating with you! Thank you, Debs for being brave and being you! xxx

  5. Thank you so much for doing videos Deborah! These two are great & I love your finished journal cover, it's really beautiful.


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