Friday, 26 December 2014

It's a ghosting thing, #3UP

Evening everyone, I hope you all had a fab day yesterday and here's wishing you all a happy Boxing Day. 

Tonight over on the Paper Artsy blog we are demonstrating our fav techniques and I chose ghosting which I know about, from watching Dyan Reaverly on you tube. So grab a drink as this post has quite a few photos.

I started building my background using lots of different colours. Spray colour onto the background spritz with water and then lay on your stencil and wipe the colour off with kitchen wipe. You can really build up lots of colour and texture. I have also sprayed colour, add the stencil and spritz over the stencil, let the water sit for a bit and then wipe off. In addition I have also sprayed the colour add the stencil and then wipe off the colour with a wet wipe. Any of the ways works well and depending on the colour and how wet you make it, you can even add texture by using  kitchen wipe with a texture pattern as many of them have. This leave a print of the texture pattern which randomly placed looks fab.

I used a mixture of spray paints with a Lin Brown stencil 005

Next I started to work on my elements for the page.

I took a plain fame and using crackle glaze from PA gave it a distressed look. I also added some grunge paste randomly for more texture and once dry painted it patina antiquing creme from Decoart 
rubbed it back and then added treasure gold.

I love tearing the paper and adding different elements. Much of this is influenced by Gabrielle Pollocco  her work is much pettier than mine as I like more of a grungier look. I played around with different elements until I was happy before sticking anything down.

You can see from this photo that there is lots of textures from the different materials I have used.

Still building the page

Once I was happy I glued everything in place

For the frame I chose to you a quote by Anais Nin. This is a favourite of mine and as my page is about busting out, and not staying put the quote fitted nicely.

I took a background into the app of my little printer and then added the frame and words. I love my printer it uses no ink just special paper but prints out great photos which are 3x2 inch in size perfect for scrapbook img etc. the model is LG pocket photo.

Anyway the finished page.

Thank you for visit and please come again because tomorrow I will be announcing some good news.

Take care 


  1. Wow Debs amazing as the sound of your printer too! Tomorrow is a crafting day for me so will give this technique a go xxx

  2. Beautiful background Debs, i really like Dyan's ghosting technique and you have done a fab job getting lots of detail :-) xxx

  3. Absolutely stunning project Debs. I do love the pretty colours and the use of the zip. Beautiful combination of techniques and embellishments.

    Lesley Xx


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