Monday 29 September 2014

Making felt

Evening lovelies, today I played with felt. I started laying strands out in the same way you would for for wet felting. 

When I was on holiday I was lucky enough to meet Debra Esterhuizen Who is an artist in cumbria who uses felt as a medium. I fell in love with her work which is colourful and bright, take a look for yourself here is her Pinterest page. She also has an online video on how to wet felt and create art. During September it is on special offer and well worth having, as there are some great tips. 

So I built 3 layers and then positioned this under my needles and just get it moving. I had an idea what I wanted to do and the size I needed. Once this was felt I repeated the process using lots of colours.

Next I wanted to decorate the back. I chose a simple flower scene  and laid on my wool. When I was happy with the placing I used a hand tool to hold in place. I repeated this until I was happy and then run in under the machine. I learnt that you have to be careful that your design doesn't change too much. 

I repeated this process on the flap with an owl. Not the best in the world but I'm happy. Next came the back. I measured the size I needed and proceeded to make my felt. I attached back and front using the machine. Unfortunately in doing so,  I was unable to decorate the front, but I'm am ok with that.

I stitched round the edge with a blue embroidery cotton in blanket stich. As you can see my sewing needs much improvement lol.

And the finished case. My phone will be snug and protected from scratches when in my bag. I loved doing this. It's a great feeling to actually make a piece of fabric and then turn It into a useful Piece of kit,  which I have designed and decorated, no wonder this can become addictive lol.

You don't have to make felt this way, you can use the wet method, check out You Tube for many tutorials on the process.  

Thank you for looking 

Debs xx



  1. Oooh wow Debs, looks fab, I know how difficult this is to do having got all the stuff and having a go myself!!!

  2. See you got the Simplicity 12 needle Embellisher! Your first project looks fabulous, a great start.

    Did you get some wool felt as the base for your design, would be great to get some Kunin Felt (a trade name but the best so my teacher told me) as this stabilises your design and it keeps it shape.

    Looking forward to more:-) xxx

  3. so cute - something I've never tried but looks like great fun xx


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