Tuesday 16 September 2014

17 of 29

Evening peeps I went to the pencil museam today and stocked up on some paper and more inktense pencils. I also brought a black watercolour pad and so thought for this face I would use white on black.

I liked the effect so doodled a bit too.

I'm sorry the photo isn't good quality but the lighting is very low in this cottage.

Thanks for looking

Debs xx


  1. Oooh you went to Derwent, Hazel went a few weeks ago also, glad you enjoyed your visit & stocked up with more Inktense.

    Today's face reminds me of a negative print, you remember old photo film negatives don't you? She is beautiful, great pouty lips, the doodling looks great as a frame and her hair reminds me of leaves.

    Another fabulous face Lovely! :-) xxx

    Thank you for the Veet giggle, G and i were laughing so hard, glad i was able to view the page. Can see why you were giggling over your coffee.

    Hope your bruises are healing and you are enjoying the cottage:-) xxx

  2. Fabulous! The white on black is so effective! Looks great!


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