Friday 5 September 2014

Day 5 of 29

Hello to you all, nice evening here in Witham, cool but not not cold. I hope you are enjoying your evening wherever you are.

Today's face reminds me a little of the puppets in thunderbird or is it miss Penelope I'm not sure but if anyone does I would like to know. Anyway the point is, although she ok she's lifeless. I'm hoping this challenge will help me develop some life into my drawings. Practice! Practice! Practice!

This is pencil in a journal. I'll just show the stages. If anyone has a question just message me and I'll answer it.

Have a good day x




  1. Wow, another fabulous face Deborah, so clever, love it!

  2. She's beautiful! I love the little detail of the smile in the highlight of her eye. :)

  3. Face 5 is rather dreamy Debs...

    Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds has blonde hair loves pink and has a rolls royce and her driver is called Parker. She can be seen along with all the other characters on Google images...

    She does remind me of Aqua Marina from Stingray a little...

    You can't tell i used to LOVE watching all the puppet programmes when i was little lol. Thunderbirds are go, Stingray, Fireball XL5, Four Feather Falls, Captain Scarlett & The Mysterons ( Captain Blue was my fave) and Joe 90, wow that's a lot of memories Debs.

    Loving your faces, they do not look like puppets, they have all got stunning eyes and different emotions showing. Looking forward to all 29:-) xxx


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