Day 3 of 29

I was down the shed looking at some of the other faces and came upon Deborah  who has
challenged herself to only use charcoal and acrylic. Mmmm I thought to myself, now where is my charcoal...

Well I found it tucked away. It's unopened can you guess how long I've had it. No!  not 10 years. It is probably 28/29 years ago that I bought it. Well anyway here is my quickly drawn face. I've also shown some different angled shots as I love how it can change what you are looking at.

So to start 

I love her big eye, and bent nose and I'm so enjoying the challenge. Love it! Love it! Love it!.

See you tomorrow

Debs xx

Deborah Wainwright
Deborah Wainwright

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  1. Fabulous drawing, I love this one and also previously are very talented!
    Best wishes from Slovenia

  2. Wonderful face, loads of character here. Enjoying seeing your different styles:-) xxx

  3. She has sex appeal. Beautiful.


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