Monday 16 September 2019

How I cut my own designs on my Cricut maker

Hello everyone this is a very basic idea of what I do on the Cricut to cut my own designs

Start by opening design space and click new project

I just chose a image to demonstrate here and have not actually cut it out but it gives you an idea. Once you choose your image you have to remove the background. I usually start with clicking remove lower the size and then click anywhere on the background area. Any areas left on I then tidy with erase.

Once all the background is removed you can make any other adjustments you need like despeckle the image or smooth your lines. As you clean up your image and remove background you will see it appear in the right hand corner.

Once you are happy with the image press next.  Again mine is for this tuts purpose I would clean it up much more than shown here.

You are now given two options cut only on left or print and cut on the right. If you chose to print and cut it sends it to your printer first and once printed you come back to the Cricut and follow on with cutting your printed image. If just cutting it takes you to the next screen where you save your ready image.

This is your library in design space where all the images you have prepared are stored, you can then chose the image you wish to cut

You can see a few of mine on the next photo.

Click the image you want and it takes you to your canvas  where you can resize and and add more elements. It gives you an idea of how big and what it will look like on this screen. I found that on the canvas sometimes it looks like it fits but when you go to this screen you can see it doesn’t so always check and just go back and adjust if you need to. 

Once you are satisfied press continue and you will be taken to a screen asking you to connect your Cricut and set what blade depth and substrate you are using - just follow the on screen instructions. 

Happy cutting

Debs xx

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