Saturday 11 November 2017


Hello Everyone today is a special day throughout The Commonwealth of Nations as we celebrate the ending World War 1. I do not support War, I do not believe in aggression to fight aggression, but it it is a personal view, and one you may not hold. However I do celebrate Peace, and respect the remembrance of all the those that lost their lives, then and every War since, so that we can live our lives Free.

I drew and painted these Poppy’s for today!

Here’s some pics  of the process and close ups.

And because you know I love to mix it up, here are a couple of pics after I played with the original in Brushstrokes a digital App.

Take care everyone and I hope you can join me at 11am in a 2minutes silence.

Stay safe


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  1. Your poppies are wonderful. And I think it's more important than ever that we remember the sacrifices made and try to avoid making the same mistakes again.
    Alison x


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