Tuesday 26 January 2016

Wanderlust journey so far

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and coping with variable temperatures and weather patterns. My thoughts over the last few weeks have been with the folks in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas and those in Cumbria. Both places are dear to me! Seeing their struggles with the floods was heart breaking, as it is anywhere, but knowing people in the areas makes it more real. Especially as we were in Cumbria the last time it flooded and although not affected - we were in a Gate Lodge that was high off the ground. We experienced a little of the devastation it caused. Makes me sad to think of it!

On a brighter note, I, like many of my crafting buddies are on a year long workshop Wanderlust 2016. I cannot tell you what's going for obvious reasons but I can share what I create. All are journal pages. The middle one is a journal deconstructed (I haven't put it together yet) and the last also has some in between shots. There a quite a few photos :)














Phew lots of photos I know! I hope you weren't bored lol. I don't promise to show everything I create on the workshop but hope to some of it.

Take Care, Hugs Debs xxx



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  1. Not bored in the slightest - how could you think so?! Fabulous to catch up with your Wanderlust travels - the florals are looking amazing in your journal, beautiful paint effects, and I love the hands reaching out to touch. Gorgeous textures and shimmering colour in the first page too - lovely stuff!
    Alison xx


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