Wednesday 11 March 2015

All is not what it seems!

Hi everyone, I have another quicky post tonight. I was feeling very disappointed not getting a job I went for and was feeling right sorry for myself, so decided to go have an inky painty time and get very messy.

Using Dylusion ink, I started spraying and stencilling drying etc. the last layer was DecoArt Media Sprays. Now, recently I have used two sheets of card, one to act as a mop up for the other. So my main sheet looked like this.

I have used some black craft paste on this in areas but this has been put away as it is the mop up sheet that I'm sharing.

As it was drying, things started to appear. I can see what looks like a doll in front of the  window.

And more started to emerge,

I then gave her someone to keep her company 

This isn't finish but I thought I'd share it anyway :)

Bye for Now Hugs

Debs xxx


  1. Sorry you didn't get the job Debs, something better will appear very soon!

    Loving your mop up page very much, i really enjoy finding shapes from patterns it is very relaxing.

    Both pages are fab:-) xxx

  2. This is just so intriguing, Debs, I love the colours. I've spent some time looking at both pieces, but it's the mop-up one that has really grabbed my attention. I am sorry that you didn't get the job, but I'm sure the right thing will come along. xx

  3. That is beautiful Debs! Your pages are beautiful and the second one takes my breath away - your inner artist was screaming to be allowed out - wow, wow, wow!
    So sorry you didn't get that job and really hope something perfect for you appears soon. I've been trying to find your blog for the last couple of days so happy to see you creating.
    I've been having some issues with family for the last few weeks and as awful as it was I used that negativity to create, to try and draw again. It is so very good for our creative souls and I am proud of what I managed to create - I hope to share it soon, once I feel brave enough lol! Have a lovely weekend hun Karen x

    1. I'm glad you found comfort in creating. I agree it is good for our creative souls. Looking forward to you sharing your creations, it's took a while to focus on the process of making rather than the end project xx


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