Thursday 12 February 2015


Another quicky! While on holiday in Septemer last year we picked up some slate with the idea of using it some way. Well this is what happened to it.

It got a coat of Fesco Finish Acrylic from Paper Artsy in Chalk. I lightly sketched my snowdrops. The inspiration came from the lovely bunch we have growing up near the house. It was one bulb we planted years ago ( one of many). We don't do well with them except this bunch which just keeps multiplying. 

I used Hey Presto on the leaves and stems and Chalk on the flowers. I mixed a little of the green with the White to use as shading. Once the paint was dry I redrew the flowers with a Fude Pen.

Once it was completly dry, using a sanding block I rubbed back some of the Paint to give it a shabby look. I sealed it with a Matt Varnish. Then sat it on its stand which I had painted and added the word.

It's now sitting proud on my mantle piece. A connection between our home and the Lakes we love to visit.

Take care for now and I'll see you soon.

Debs xx



  1. Wonderful to have that connection Debs, great drawing of your snowdrops, they looks soft delicate and ethereal. Such a pretty project:-) xxx

  2. What an absolutely perfect combination Debs xxx

  3. Love this Deborah! Although snowdrops look simple, they are not easy to draw! Very well done! Xx

  4. What a brilliant idea Debs,love the aged and delicate look of it,you are very talented ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  5. Fabulous! Love the idea of this! The snow flakes themselves are lovely and I really like how some of the slate is still visible through the paint! The slate itself is such a lovely shape too! Great project!!

  6. it's beautiful! to be honest I wasn't sure about the need to paint the whole piece of slate at first, but seeing the finished piece, it does look fabulous - as if your snowdrops are indeed peeking out of a snowdrift. Well done, Debs!!

  7. Lovely project - just beautiful.... what a lovely way to remember the lakes


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