Saturday, 31 May 2014

JOFY inspired board

Good morning everyone. It is 08:52 on a lovely Saturday morning and I've been out to play already. Now I know this might not be early for some, but those that know me, know I like to rise later when I can. I'm often torn between what my body wants (sleep) and what my mind and spirit wants (play), that I end up doing neither and waste that moment of my life in a dilemma. Note to self, stop thinking and just do, and it's ok to change your mind.

Therefore, when I woke at 4:30 today, I watched TV in bed for a while! (I do not recommend, as TV at that time in rubbish! ) and then finally hobbled down the stairs into the garden to enjoy the sunshine and flowers. Hobble you might ask? Yes hobble! I sprained the tendon in my knee on Wednesday evening, slipping on wet decking. 

The sun was so warming and it was peaceful with only the sound of the birds chatting in the trees. The flowers reminded me of Jo's lovely picture frame and block she created for the Paper Artsy blog this week. I really loved the simple look Jo achived with only two colours from her limited addition range. it was really scrummy! See how Jo made hers.

I thought I could do something similar and enter the challenge, so using a limited palette of vintage lace and pansygot started.  I didn't have any stencils like jo's so used this one from PA003{ELB}

I used the vintage lace to cover my background and pansy for the flowers.

To add some pattern I used the home made stamp from playfoam, in pansy. This filled some of the gaps. 

I was not liking it at all! The card I used was the wrong shape. I felt that what I had created looked like the background, on which a focal feature would be placed. It looked like something was missing! 

I borrowed flowers from the Easter wreath I made for one of my turns on the Paper Arts Blog and separated them as I stuck them to the board. I finished them with pink pearls in the centres.

I still feel as if there is something missing but decided to leave it alone for another day! If you have any ideas please leave them in comments. Thanks for looking and I'll see you later. Take care Debs xxx



  1. Had I seen this one first I would probably have thought it was lovely and still do. However, having seen your second stunning piece first I can understand to some extent why you weren't happy. I'm not sure why except maybe this one looks more like a masterboard than a stand alone piece. Mind you, at that time in the morning although I'm sometimes up only half my brain is awake, lol! This is still lovely but I agree your second one is absolutely awesome.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Love this Deb! xxx

  3. I've looked at them the other way round too and I do like the 2nd one best but nothing wrong with this one either. I think it might be because the background is white(ish) and on your tag the background is the main colour and your flowers are white. It may of looked completed different if your background was purple with white flowers???

    Sam xx

  4. Well I saw this one first and do like it, but I too prefer the second.

  5. Very pretty, i do see how it looks like a background rather than a finished piece, but thats ok, You can always add more to it. perhaps dome bold lettering, or one large letter, your inititals, like an illuminated manuscript type letter? A large fancy D would look great, of course i am biased having the same intitial lol

  6. Darcy's idea sounds great to me! As this is so flowery it does seem like a good idea to add a bold bit of text for contrast! I think it is beautiful, it does just need some focal point to draw the eye as you suspected. Julie Ann xxx

  7. I think it is absolutely lovely, deb. How about some text, or maybe a sentiment top centre?

    Lucy x

  8. Am very late commenting Debs, sorry... If you still want feedback i would do 2 things, i would make masks to cover the flowers then add some text or splats/drippage to the background, next i would take out some of the colour out of the flowers leaving them a tad more ethereal/watercolour looking.

    Beautiful colours, maybe cut up into smaller pieces and use as tiles on kraft card. Hope this helps:-)

    Hope your knee is recovering fast, sending love & hugs:-) xxx


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