Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sewing day

Evening friends and followers. I had a day playing indoors today with the sewing machine. On Friday at sewing class I made a round storage thingy for my bathroom to hold spare toilet rolls. I chose quite a vintage looking material to blend in with my colour scheme. 

The house I live in was new 10 years ago and like many modern houses lacks the characture of older houses. As I have grown older I'm drawn more and more to quirky looking homes. We do plan to move  one day but for the moment our home suits us. However, I have given myself the task to take each room as a project and fill it will homemade furnishings and art. ( the reason for my sewing classing). 

The bag was finished at class but I wanted to add some more to it so here are before and after pictures.

This was before

And then after

And here it is in place. 

Once I'd finished this, I made a peg bag for my daughter 

I was quite pleased with this as it is lined as well.

I  then spent some tidying a bit of the garden and took more photos. 

Then I made a little storage roll for crochet hooks.

I love I now have somewhere to keep them all together neatly and I even left some room incase I get more.

I then finished another little storage box that was started at class.

And last I made a memo board with some pockets.

This is an update as I forgot to add there. Last week at sewing club we made pjs. The ones I made my pattern from were stretchy material but the material chose wasn't. Result,  they were too small ( I'll grow into them ) in the week I cut another pair larger. Today I finished them.

I hope you enjoyed your visit take care. I'd love to read your comments 

Love Debs xxx


  1. Wow what beautiful projects, I particularly love the crochet hook roll

  2. Wow how clever. Love the addition of the lace on you loo roll holder as it brings the 2 pieces of material together, lovely holder for your hooks too.

    Sam xxx

  3. wow, you've really got the sewing bug, what fabulous things you've made!!

  4. Lots of beautiful and unique treasures. You have an eye for beautiful things and your garden looks luscious too. X

  5. good god Debs you're on a roll!! you've made some great stuff there you busy little bee lol!! It's all beautiful as is your garden xxxx

  6. Crikey Debs, as Lin says you are on a roll as well as making one, lol! Your projects are lovely and I especially love the toilet roll storage and the memo holder.

    Lesley Xx

  7. Wow u have been busy today xx well done, some great projects produced today xxx love my peg bag xxx thankyou xx

  8. Gorgeous sewing projects Deborah, glad you made your Daughter a peg bag, something practical and something to treasure.

    Enjoy seeing your sewing projects, did you see the watchstrap i made last week? Must get more confident with my sewing skills.

    Glad you had a fabulous day:-) xxx

  9. Your home must be looking lovely with all these beautiful creations Deb! I love your storage!
    Alison xxx

  10. Sewing machines and I don't get on, so I've looked through these photos in awe and envy... such beautiful makes, and lovely garden photos too!
    Alison xx


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