Tuesday 18 March 2014

Celtic Goddess in Buxton

The legend says that Romans built many of their shrines and worships sites in places dedicated to Celtic goddesses. One such place is Buxton, in Derbyshire. The Roman's named it 'the waters of the Goddess Arnemetia' or it's Latin name Aque Arnemetiae together with the Celtic, also meant 'in front of a sacred grove' and this Grove was known as Poole's Cavern, which is a natural cave that is over 10 million years old.

It was in this cavern that archeologists found evidence of a shrine thought to be dedicated to the little known Goddess. They found many brooches and other jewellery in an antechamber which they believed were given as offerings to her.

This wall of calcite known as a frozen waterfall because of its resemblence to a wall of water frazen in time.

This is the spot thought to have been vistited by Mary Queen of Scots when sent to Derbyshire by Elizabeth 1st. 

This chamber was called the poached egg chamber because of the colour of formations.

The one above is growing quickly and the ones below show the colours well.

This part is as far as we can go. However,  the caves carry on much further but there is no access as the tunnels are very narrow and unsafe for regular visitors.

I really loved my time in the caves. You could easily imagine all the different lives that had sheltered there over the millions of years it had developed. 

Thank you for your visit I hope you enjoyed it 

Big hugs Debs xxx


  1. Love the caves and the egg looking colours, i shan't mention the shapes everywhere lol...

    Thanks again for another interesting post about the Peak district, your pictures are fantastic :-) xxx

  2. These are fabulous photos Debs! I love caves too, which is why my hubby nick-named me Troglodyte, hence the craftytrog! Lol! It kind of stuck! I must try & visit these caves sometime, they look amazing!
    Alison xxx


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