Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Tyvec fabric beads

Hello everyone I have something different today, we’ll different for me. Tyvec beads inspired by my friend Kim, who makes these all the time. She is a fabulous textile artist, who showed me how to make these little beauties.

There are two types of bead, some plain and some with more going on. First I painted the fabric with metallic paint, blue and purple with gold splashes on the front side and gold green on the backside.

I cut the beads into about 3inch strips which were also cut to a point

Roll them up onto a skewer or knitting needle and pin in place and then using your heat gun melt the fabric. To add more texture make  tiny cuts on the two outside edges forming a fringe. As this melts it make fabulous texture along the length of the bead. You can make them as large or as tiny a you like.

I love these little gems and cannot wait to make more. I will use them in my art, craft projects and jewellery, how versatile is that?

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