Friday 16 February 2018

How to - quick card

Hello everyone here’s another addition to my how to blog posts, and today I’m showing how to make your very own birthday card without stamps.

So I started with my background (I have limited supplies at this house, as most have gone to the new one) 

I taped a piece of mixed media card to my mat and blended some colour using Dyan Reaverly paints. Once this was dry with a Tim Holtz stencil and white paint I added to form my background.

I painted a piece of card white, dried it and then drew my flowers. This didn’t take me long as I’ve been drawing this style of flower since I was a child. Who knew 50 odd years later I’d still be using it to make a card. There are lots of tutorials on how to draw simple of flowers and I really encourage you to have a go.

I coloured them with my new Brush Pens from Fabre Castell, I have the big Brush Pens and love them so thought I’d invest in the smaller nibbed ones for the smaller projects. They work fabulously over any painted surface, as you have a couple of mins to blend but once dry they are permanent.

You can see that I didn’t mind going over the edges as I was going to cut them out (which wasnt the greatest cutting in the world as I had to use kitchen scissors)

Next I cut my sentiment using my cricut but a die cut or stamped one would work, or if you were really brave a hand written one would be perfect!
I covered mine with sparkles.

Some close ups

As previous stated the cutting was not good lol, but I tidied  up with a black pen as you can see on the finished card.

And another look at the finished card

I hope you are inspired to have a go yourself, how lovely to create something that you designed, this is going to my Mum who I know 
Will love that I drew and painted it. 

Hugs to you all xxx


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