Wednesday 21 January 2015

Shiney things

Hello everyone, how's today going for you? I'm looking forward to the weekend where I will be playing on much bigger scale. My niece wants her bedroom walls Ombré style with blue white, and I'm going to do it for her. Eeeeek! It's ok though because she has seen a version on You Tube which has a more prominent change in colours. I wish myself good luck!

Moving on to bright and shiny things, Leandra from Paper Artsy says this, about the theme this month on the blog:

Topic 2: Shiny Stuff

Over the next's time to get in touch with your inner magpie! We are exploring metals, mica, beads, wire, jewellery, paint effects, Treasure Gold, in other words, all things shiny, rusty or metallic. Closing date for this challenge is 5pm on the 8/2. There is some fab inspiration on their blog which you can see hereI'm entering this project into the challenge.

As many of you may of gathered I love shiney sparkling things. I love jewellery that sparkles, and will often wear clothes that's have a touch of shine or sparkle on them. However, it doesn't often cross over to my projects. I'm more drawn to messy and grungy. 

I like to experiment with different techniques and materials as Im still learming about different products in their original form, and there is so much to learn!  I sometimes envy those that have had this magic in their lives longer. The know which product is best for a desired effect, and know how to 
think outside the box, to produce really authentic stylised art, their way! Other times I tell myself just 
enjoy the ride for there is no destination just a continual journey.

That journey has led me here today to share my project with you. With shiney on my mind, I saw on Sam's blog the rusty metal stuff she has been creating and a small wall plaque came to mind.

I started with a stencil and grunge paste on a small board. 

I cut some more board to provide a hanging piece, and using a script stencil and grunge paste added some texture.

Now I forgot to take photos sorry I got carried away! However, I painted the boards with black gesso and then gave a coat of quinacrindone gold and when dry rub in Patina Antiquing Cream and let that dry. With a moist cloth I rubbed away the cream which gave a nice aged look to the board.

the butterfly I gave two coats of quinacrindone gold. I also added touched of rust paint and let it dry. I next applied a coat of the Antiquing Cream in Umber and when dry, rub off with a moist cloth. Once both piece were completly dry I buffed them with a dry cloth and then as Leandra's says tickled them with some Treasure Gold in White Fire. I added it to all the texture and the edges.

I used my hole punch to make holes in the cards and attached the bottom card to the top with beads as a spacer. I added two more holes at the top so that I could hang it. 

Ta da! 

Thanks for your visit take care out there. Especially those with snow and very cold weather.
Bye for now Debsxxx


  1. Shiny indeed Debs, loving the moody board look and the beautiful butterfly, the stencil is fab and has brought classy grunge into being.

    Always feels wonderful to immerse yourself when creating. Glad you had fun:-) xxx

    ps GOOD LUCK with your task, am sure it will look amazing when completed:-) xxx

  2. This is shiny fabulousness Deborah! love the textures and the patination. Great stuff! xx

  3. Fabulous plaque Debs, very shiny indeed and love how you've attached the bottom piece with the beads xx

  4. This is wonderful Debs,very metallic and striking.
    Good luck with the decorating too ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  5. This is fantastic object Deborah! Great textures and stunning butterfly-really shiny stuff. xxx

  6. Very pretty - can't wait to see your nieces bedroom xx

  7. Wow, fabulous! I love the techniques you've used and must look into that antiquing cream - you've achieved stunning effects with it.


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