Saturday 28 December 2013

Al last a day to play is my crafty time. I was inspired by Leandra at Paper Artsy who has been demoing their products ( which are fab) a challenge was set which I thought I would enter. I loved what Leandra had featured today so used that as my inspiration although adapting to fit what I wanted to make. You can see Leandra techniques here.

First I gathered my materials 

I mixed the 3 colours with grunge paste and spread them in sections on the board. I didn't keep the sections in squares as I wanted to have a more sweeping style with some blending.

I then added some more texture 

Once it was all dry I sanded it a little to make of some of the rough edges. I then added some archival ink from Ranger in eggplant just on the edges of the board. 

Next I added some stamped images, but at this point I didn't like the look so sanded them down and added some paint to cover them. This added a darker part to the canvas but I think it looked more balanced. 

I then die cut some houses from sizzix and painted them in the same colours. Once they were dry I added some detail with stamps and acrylic fresco paint as well as hand drawn doodles. 

Colours used were vintage lace, pansy, and squid ink ( fav colours) stamps are HP 1103, and crown and castle 2, 9

Finished look 

Thanks for looking. Your comments are welcome 



  1. Oooh fantastic work Deborah, loving the colour and the doodles very much. You have done a great job with your own version of Leandra's technique:-) xxx

    These dies are the same as i used for the Advent village, they look amazing with doodling added. Might just have to copy your idea if your do't mind for the next two i am making over the next few months :-) xxx

  2. Oh, this looks fab - Love the background, and it is just great with those houses! I loved today's video and want to try this as well as the first one I did.

  3. I've been out all day so haven't watched the video for today yet but love what you've done here. Gorgeous colours and textures and love the imagery you have usd. Stu ning piece!

    Lesley Xx

  4. Amazing what you can do with inspiration from Leandra. Love the way that you did your own thing by adding houses etc. taking it a step further. Glad to see you back in the groove baby. Xx

  5. It's gorgeous! I love the colours


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