Sunday 17 November 2013

Painted face

The afternoon marched on and just could not motivate to make more cards. I wanted to paint and after tweeting with Hazel decided that I would do just that so here is my face. I started drawing her and decided to draw an upturned face. I have never drawn the like this before so re- watched Jane davenport's  drawing emotions and in particular her upturned face. 

I sketched out my face using col-erase by prismacolour. I then added some washes using neocolour ll by carandashe. 

I built up the colour using both mediums until I got the depth I wanted. Once I had got there I played around with colours until I had finished. Never no when to stop really.

Thank you for looking. Please leave your comment especially where you think I might develop. I will not be offended I want to learn :)
Debs xxx


  1. I think your upturned girl is beautiful.

    Can say that because i cannot
    draw at all so to me you are
    amazing at drawing. You can also see a lovely girl looking upward which is what you wanted us to see.

    Brilliant work:-) xxx

  2. I can't draw to save my life, so it looks pretty good to me too!

  3. sorry, that sounds as if it only looks good because I can't draw not because it's not good.... going now before I dig the hole any bigger!!

  4. Go girl. Fabulous drawing from a difficult angle. Easy to make her look like a pig from that angle but is fabulous. Will go and draw a face myself now....bye. X


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