Lesson one with Jane Davenport

This lady was created after a lesson in Radient faces with JD. I made a couple of sketches of my picture I chose for inspiration which was this which is The mermaid by John Waterhouse.

My first draft using just pencil

My second draft using charcoal

Both these were created whilst looking at the picture I then put away the picture and so drew and painted my version.

I have loved creating her, and she has changed a lot. 

Thanks for visit see you soon 


Deborah Wainwright
Deborah Wainwright

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  1. Isn't she a Pre Raphealite lady by Lord Leighton??? So similar to his look...

    You should be proud of your drawing it is dark and charasmatic, different to what you have done before. Love love love her!
    :-) xxx

  2. A very sensuous mermaid, if I'm not mistaken? I loved watching your process unfold. xxx

    1. You are correct John William Waterhouse, i have a print of this picture but confused her with another i have of Lord Leighton. Thanks Julie Ann:-) xxx

  3. She's lovely Debs! I too enjoyed reading how you got to the final portrait.

    Lesley Xx

  4. Love all the stages, JD is one of my favourite artists! Elizabeth xxx

  5. Very free and relaxed Deborah. You said that you painted it. What paints did you use? Great stuff! Xx

  6. A mixture really, decoart, Caran d'Ache crayon, prismacolor pencil Windsor Newton acylic in White. Thank you for your comment. Xx

  7. Oh well done, specially love the drawings!

  8. I love your version Deb, she's beautiful! xxx

  9. Oh! I ever heard artist name and I remember 'Ophelia'
    This is very original your paint! I love the your mermaid she is fantastic!! xx


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