Thursday 9 October 2014

Another Play

Evening everyone, hope you all Are safe and warm this windy evening ( at least here in Eesex)

I've been playing with Dina Wakley  media line paint which arrived yesterday. I only bought a few colours but now the rest are on my list. They are real fun to play with as are her brushes. I only have the big flat one but love it.

So this picture gets cut into 4

I played around with them turning them around until something jumped out at me. 

I fairly quickly drew a face trying to get away from trying to make everything perfect (which is subjective anyway) and just kind of let her draw herself. Hehe! 

Anyway the first sketch

I drew her with a stabilo all and then added water to activate the pencil 

She's got a bit of a lip thing going on but that's okay.

Thanks for your visit 



  1. Oooh you got the DW paints not the DecoArt paints, sorry got confused lol. Not tried these but they have excellent comments and seem very popular.

    your face really transforms as you go, hope that will happen one day for me, meanwhile i am finding drawing a face before i go to sleep quite relaxing and stills my mind. Who would have thought...

    She is beautiful by the way :-) xxx

  2. A beautiful, serene face Deborah. Interesting to see how she developed. You are on a glorious roll. Xx

  3. Great looking backgrounds with those paints, and the face really came together so well! Would love to know where you got that Stabilo All pencil, I have wanted one for ages, but don't seem to be able to find the right one....

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment

    Link to where I got the pencil

  5. love this one too Debs! (working backwards!!)


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