Monday 9 January 2017

New Home

Hello everyone, today I have a small card I made with new homes on my mind. I am shortly moving from Essex to Cumbria, but as yet not found somewhere to live. On that point I will keep you updated! Back to my card! 


I used these great texture houses by Rubber Dance and added a love tree and some love plants. These are fabulous stamps, full of wonderful detail.

I started by spraying Lyndy Stamp Gang spray ink in blue and green to get my background topped off with watercolour from sennellier. 


I stamped several of the houses and cut them up into twos and three, painted them and added some shading. I added my tree and flowers using a black pen as well as some details around the houses.


I added my second row of houses which I had cut down slightly to help with perspective and painted in the same way.

I settled the houses in with some details and finally added a simple text from Tim Holtz!


I hope I get somewhere as lovely to live!

Take care 
Hugs Debsxx 


  1. This is gorgeous, Debs! ♥ What a lovely heart tree!
    Love how you coloured the houses with added shading. Glad you like our stamps! :)
    I wish you good luck on your new home hunt. xx

  2. This is gorgeous, I love the colours and stamps.
    I hope you find your perfect house very soon.

  3. Leta hope that the pair of you snuggle into your new nest soon! Love your card and the love tree is fabulous! Xx

  4. I like your love tree. The only thing I know about Cumbria is what I have seen on the TV show Vera ... sounds like an exciting change.

  5. Oh I love the love tree Deborah!!! Good luck with your move, it looks like some real exciting times ahead.
    Dot x

  6. This is so wonderful Deborah!!! I love the colours so much. Hugs!

  7. Love this Debs and you remind me I planned to make a new home card too. Good luck with your own search!


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