Thursday 26 January 2017

It pink and Orange

Hello everyone just a quick one today! Over on the Paper Artsy blog the challenge is the colours Orange and Pink. Now neither of these colours are my go to colours so this was a personal challenge as well. My good friend Hazel Agnew inspired me to get started as she was on a roll with her creations. I thought for a while what I wanted to do and decided to make a Masterboard which I will then cut up and use in my art. 



Here's how I created it!

I used the colours Tikka and Rose Frescos Acrylic Paints, which are fabulous chalk finish and work so well in Mixed Media.

Once dry I added some infusions in Cerise and Lemon, spritzed some water and moved the colour around. I also added a little Pixie Dust to 
Add some shimmer.

I used a stencil designed by JOFY  and French Roast Fresco Acrylic and dried it with a heat gun. The second layer is Chalk Fresco Acrylic applied to create some shadows (bump technique) learnt from Leandra herself from Paper Artsy. On their blog there is a series of videos which show how to use all their products, which is fabulous as when I started my crafting journey I didn't have a clue lol. 

Now I wouldn't call myself an expert at this technique but I'm happy with the effect I got, and I knew I was going to paint over it.

I used Dolly Mixture, Autum Fire and Candy Floss Fresco and a small filbert brush(my fave shape) to fill in the colours randomly over the sheet. Once dry I used Distress Crayons in similar colours to add shading and and light.
Here are a few close ups. 



Where I went into the dark with my shaky hands, I added a dark brown pencil (inktense by Dewent) to bring back the shadow.

Once dry I cut it up into 6 pieces 


You can see I've added some stamping too. I started to play with each individually here are my fav three.




                           Fresco Acrylic, Infusions,  Stencil 042 - Paper Artsy. Pixie Dust - Cosmic Shimmer. Inktense Pencils -  Dewent.                                                                                                                              

I hope you have a go of getting out your comfort zone and try colours/ techniques you don't usually use! 

I will post what I do with them next week,
Take care, hugs xxx


  1. Great master board Deborah! glad that I got you out of the traps, not that you need much encouragement! xx

  2. Great master board Debs.. I love pink and orange

  3. This is fab debs! You have really made me want that stencil!

  4. Deb,
    your master board is fabulous love the stamping you added

  5. love the shadow effect - glad I'm not the only one who finds these colours a challenge xx

  6. Nice ! Can't wait to see what they have become ! x

  7. Love the 3D effect with the shadowing. 😊

  8. Lovely master board. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.
    Catherine x


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